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  1. pluviophile

    I plan to buy VR headset and play new Half Life actually. I have read a lot feedbacks and they are all positive. Meanwhile I play Basketball legends and Alchemy game, these are flash games, but they for sure seem fun.
  2. pluviophile

    I know about Rob Zombie from Twisted Metal 4, my favorite game from childhood
  3. pluviophile

    SO what is your MMR guys? Mine is 4.3k. P.S. Do you know that there is 2048 edition of Dota?
  4. pluviophile

    3 days? I have played Dota for one month, every single day, 5-6 matches per day. It was worth it in the end, I got decent MMR
  5. pluviophile

    I play ranked games in Dota, my mmr is 4.3k in both support and carry, I also play often Call of Duty with my friends, we often win matches in Alcatraz(blackout). From time to time I play flash games as well at work, I like Happy Wheels for example and Impossible Quiz, both games are funny and hilarious, especially Happy Wheels. Pewdiepie has one video of Happy Wheels as well I also like indie games, my latest indie game was Fran Bow. Other games include: WoW, jericho, TERA, other flash games.
  6. pluviophile

    Kaido vs Luffy will be one brutal fight
  7. pluviophile

    Pre-purchased COD MW, it will be released soon, can't wait to start playing it.
  8. pluviophile

    Wait, what original anime? Title please?
  9. pluviophile

    I belong to lazy ones that is for sure, but I don't really mind new bands, it just searching for them seems too complicated for me.
  10. pluviophile

    That creepy evil smile I love it so much
  11. pluviophile

    I give my imagination freedom of choice My thoughts can vary from being superhero to being sad loser, something like this.
  12. pluviophile

    I find it hard to listen to new bands, I just really like old school bands, music was really decent in the past, modern singers don't have talent
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