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  1. Pandora_99

    In the German version the items are even called Visual-Kei instead of Visual-Punk
  2. Thank fuck they're not disbanding 😭🙏🏻
  3. Come on, not Zikiru too 😭
  4. Holy hell, that's horrifying!
  5. Pandora_99

    This is so painful to watch
  6. Pandora_99

    I wish...
  7. Pandora_99

    I'm hoping Jared Dines reacts to them in one of his videos, even just for like a minute like he did with DEVILOOF. I think that would help their popularity a lot since Jared has so many subscribers.
  8. Pandora_99

    Honestly, same
  9. Pandora_99

    Now that's just depressing, imho Rijin is way better than IDEAL. I bought it both digitally and physically. And I can't stand the thought of Issei being comfortable in NAZARE, wearing a smug grin, while DIMLIM are struggling.
  10. Pandora_99

    Major bummer indeed! 😭
  11. Pandora_99

    I feel kinda bad for laughing at this...
  12. Pandora_99

    Welp, can't say I'm surprised. But I hope to still see them in the VK scene, especially Chizuru and Minpha.
  13. Pandora_99

    He was the vocalist in Dangan NO LIMIT
  14. Pandora_99

    I'm so dissapointed that Levi is also going the pop route like Tsuzuku and Koichi. I hoped to see him in another (VK) band 😢
  15. Pandora_99

    I'm hella late to the party, but really nice live report! And also... You lucky dude! 🤘🏻🔥
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