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  1. Enki

    Can't wait for that dvd
  2. Enki

    Finally a darker look again
  3. Enki

    Ratsu is a disgrace to his seniors
  4. At this point i'll take anything from tzk that doesn't sound like 8p-sb, I like it
  5. Enki

    Everybody wearing budget lime outfits
  6. The demo tapes come in 5 types with the most expensive one totaling 348$
  7. Enki

    Its 36.300yen for all 3 demos, thats 348$
  8. I thought his vocals were the weakest part of greed but this is alright
  9. Enki

    Is this mama. alter ego
  10. Enki

    I wonder if theyre gonna start over a third time now
  11. Enki

  12. Enki

  13. Enki

    This was short lived
  14. Enki

    I never even considered him a member because of his constant absence
  15. From google translate: To all the fans who support THE DESPERADO Thank you for your continued support of THE DESPERADO. Since June 5th (Friday), there has been no communication with Hiroto (Dr). I am trying to contact you by taking various measures, but I have not been able to contact you until now. Hmm. If there is no contact at all as it is, we are proceeding with discussions with a policy that we have no choice but to [withdraw]. If you have any information, please contact us. Currently, Nero and Seiya are more motivated than ever and proceed with music production without stopping. I am sorry. We deeply apologize to our fans. 2020.9.17 Nero & Seiya
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