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  1. Paraph

    not sure about the look tbh
  2. Paraph

    DIAURA - VERSUS Kagrra, - 百鬼絢爛 Vidoll - Monad Vior gloire - Gloomy and wakeful night 12012 - SEVEN amber gris - AROUND CHILDREN emmuree - lightless Moi dix Mois - D+SECT umbrella - ダーウィン Matenrou Opera - Human Dignity Lycaon - MASOCHIST RED CIRCUS VELVET EDEN - Double Twelve VELVET EDEN - blanc et noir
  3. Paraph

    I hate most of Dir en grey's remakes of songs from single to album tbh. I did enjoy Vidoll remaking a bunch of their older songs when Hide joined, tho.
  4. Paraph

  5. Paraph

    Marvelous Cruelty 夜葬曲
  6. Paraph

    Tokiya looks awesome. Excited for these
  7. Paraph

    shame, i enjoyed their album
  8. Paraph

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