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  1. Goodbye everyone . See you all  someday, somewhere...

  2. Messenger84

    new flyers added Reirei batsu game Shellmy Gallo An Cafe Lolita23q Aoi (Ayabie) Ziggrat Gossip emmure Foxpill Cult (sl. folded) Wing Works Bull Zeichen 88 DISH (sl folded) Liraizo Balalaika Baby Kingdom Miztavla NOW Munimuni dieS live 101A Asylum / dip (sl folded) Mary Rue Ippei (ex Feel) Weed (folded) Dixdriver (folded) nue HuV D'erlanger
  3. Messenger84

    B&G. First update since 2017.
  4. Event postponed, 1.04~08. June 2021
  5. Messenger84

    It's time to visit Nagoya once again...
  6. NALSIST added to lineup Vo. Yuichi Ba. HIDEKI support Gt. 頼田陵介 (Re;spect,eve → Quarry → UZI (ウージ) → BALLAD (バラッド) → COЯE THE CHILD → UNCLOCK LOVER) support Gt. YOU (Scarlet Valse) support Dr. nalu:shin (airhead)
  7. S will revive for one day on 3/22 - Vo.Sai (Shuuen NO Rasetsu) Birthday event at 名古屋Electric Lady Land Lineup: Vo. DAI (D'reysir → S) Gt. ITSUKI (R,via → S →NO.13 → ソロ、De:Bug) Gt. YUNA (R,via → S) Dr. REINA (CROSS → S → SIX-R (support) → S、SL-R) (Ba.Zekki will not participate)
  8. Messenger84

    12/14 Solitaire Line-up Vo: Sadon [INTEROZER → SOLID TEAR → Solitaire → Dizzle , Rudder ごぼう(仮))] (support) ] Gt: MIDORI (ex-the world.) Ba: Takanori (SOLID TEAR → Solitaire) Dr: Yoshitaka (Sacred†Sadism → ABYSS → Dies irae → Vanish → SOLID TEAR → Solitaire , Rudder , Ishtale support → Rudder → Rudder → FIORE (フィオーレ) , MM FANTASY → MM FANTASY → AibeLL , Ibaraki Akudou Chabangekidan CHEEKY (茨城悪童茶番劇団 チーキィ) → CHEEKY (チーキィ) → ROMiO.)
  9. Messenger84

    オトイロっ (otoiro) Vo. Naoki (ex. yazzmad) mentioned about unpublished song of otoiro and some merchandise will be sold during revival.
  10. Messenger84

    LUAZY will perform on 12/15 at SHIZUOKA SunAsh other bands to join them: CHAPPY 鬼丸 ブルドッグ SOL-TRIBE suicidehero Where is my baby
  11. Messenger84

    Meties will revive for one day on 1/3 ”RECUR to MIND” at club GRINDHOUSE Members: Vo. Kaya (ZEPHYR ZONE → Meties → ISOLA → Rudolf Steiner → Schwarz Stein → another cell → Femme Fatale ) Gt. Yu (Meties) Dr. Hisashi (Meties) support members Gt. TeTsU (HALO) Ba. Ryota (HALO / ex.VERTEX)
  12. Messenger84

    Delasine will revive after 25 years for one day only on 2/23 at BRAND NEW Osaka. Lineup: Vo. 聖 (Derlasigne Ivy -> Delasine) Gt. TAKA (Derlasigne Ivy -> Delasine) Dr. Shin (Derlasigne Ivy -> Delasine) support Ba. MINAMI (Ange∞Graie)
  13. Solitaire and オトイロっ (otoiro) will revive for one day on 12/14 at 義鷹主催 第10回「茨城会議-IBARAKI SUMMIT-」 @clubSONICmito other bands who will participate: ・リベラル ・枯レタ井戸ノ底。 ・Stir Enthusiasm ・BLIVET・E ・ごぼう(仮) ・オトイロっぽい何か。 ・齋藤ひろゆき(ex.ハッチ) ・マイケル・J.ポップス 転換act:DJお吟
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