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  1. SakuraFox512

    Ah, I know what video you're talking about! I'll see if I can find it in my archives, or on any video sites...hopefully before the site freezes.
  2. At least it's not trash-tier club music? Maybe if the lockdown goes on for long enough, we'll get other acoustic (or ideally less over-produced) work. Would probably be one of the only silver linings to it, really.
  3. SakuraFox512

    Anyone planning on buying and saving that livestream with something like Internet Download Manager/Video Download Helper/ffmpeg/whatever program or trick of choice? I'd get it, but I'm stuck having to eat exorbitant shipping costs on something this month, so I'm unlikely to be able to work this into my monthly budget when all's said and done.
  4. Can anyone help me get the colors in a scan I did to more closely resemble the colors of the official image?

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    2. SakuraFox512


      @colorful人生All right, so this is the scan I did: (https://i.imgur.com/fiREB39.jpg).

      And this is the official image I'm trying to better match: (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ERZn7GFVAAAPvZ-.jpg)

    3. colorful人生


      This is what I ended up with:




      Flesh tone is still nagging at me, and there's some detail I couldn't get back in the hair from the scan. That's probably as close as I can get for now. Hope you don't mind that I took some liberties clearing up some dust + stains.

    4. SakuraFox512


      @colorful人生The scan looks much better than it started out; thank you. ^_^

      (And not a problem -- I actually appreciate you taking the time to clean up some of the dust and whatnot as well. It was more than I expected, and it's the type of thing that often gives me grief.)

  5. SakuraFox512

    Yeah, I'm listed as an editor.
  6. SakuraFox512

    I'm trying to edit some releases to add/correct some incorrect album covers, but the images won't change or get added. Do I need special permissions or some such?
  7. SakuraFox512

    Some tool decided to go into work at the mill where my brother works and brag about how he was hanging out with his brother, who has a confirmed case of the Coronavirus(?!!)...from there, someone told on him to some higher-ups and he got told to go tf back home and they've tried to disinfect as well as they could. My Dad has COPD and asthma and he lives with my brother. Plus, my Dad's been over to my sister/her boyfriend's house recently and visits there periodically...and said boyfriend also works at the same mill. So now we have to worry about his wellness since the virus would probably hit him particularly well. We may also have to worry a bit for ourselves, too, since Dad is over here often.
  8. SakuraFox512

    The album's release date has been postponed one week. Instead of March 18, it will now be coming out on March 25. However, three of the songs on the album will receive an early release on March 18 -- "survive of vision", "Outsider", and "Greige".
  9. SakuraFox512

    Just learned I'll be getting the Ltd as a gift, so no worries on that front, I reckon. Honestly though, I worry that VIctor Entertainment will do like they did with Ink's special ltd. version (hideously expensive...and then they went and released the live DVD that came with it separately later on and added bonus content to try to entice people into basically double-dipping). It's not my money being spent, but it'd suck to splurge on the limited version of this only for there to be a cheaper option shortly after. I've warned them and all, but I'd still feel guilty if it happened. They said around the time of dooAdore's release that it was a turning point to their final phase and Taro implied early in his solo career he wasn't sure how long he was going to be able keep on singing. Unless something significant changed in the past two years, it's pretty possible it will be.
  10. SakuraFox512

    Album art and tracklist have been revealed!: Limited ed. cover art: Standard ed. cover art: Tracklist: 01.) survive of vison 02.) Geretsu (下劣) 03.) Outsider (アウトサイダー) 04.) Greige (グレージュ) 05.) Sakkaku Refrain (錯覚リフレイン) 06.) Ryoujoku (凌辱) 07.) Senrei (洗礼) 08.) Uso to Oroka (嘘と愚か) 09.) Yume-oi (夢追い) 10.) Romantic (ロマンティック) 11.) Boukyaku no Sora 25th anniversary Ver. (忘却の空) [Limited edition version-only] (Also, while not an official announcement, according to reports from the listening event that was held a couple of days ago, the album has little bass presence, musically)
  11. SakuraFox512

    The tracklist, cover art, and new artist image has been revealed: The album will be released in two types -- a standard edition (main CD only) for 3,300 yen [tax inc.], and a special limited version (11 CD+DVD+80p Photobook+Luxury box) for 17,380 yen [tax inc.] Main CD tracklist: 01.) Amanojaku (あまのじゃく) 02.) Medusa (メデューサ) 03.) Senzou (潜像) 04.) C.C.C. 05.) remain 06.) Swing Noir ( スウィング・ノワール) 07.) Inside-Out ( インサイドアウト) 08.) Light.Gentle.and Soul. 09.) Tsuki ni Negai wo (月に願いを) 10.) End roll. (エンドロール。) ----------------------------------------------------- The other 10 CDs exclusive to the limited version are singles of each of the songs on the album. Each includes three tracks -- the original song, an instrumental version, and a demo version, like so: CD single #1: 01.) Amanojaku 02.) Amanojaku [Instrumental] 03.) Amanojaku [Pre-production ver.] CD single #2: 01.) Medusa 02.) Medusa [Instrumental] 03.) Medusa [Pre-production ver.] etc. Each of the singles will have its own cover art based off of the song's image. -------------------------------------------------------------- The DVD included in the limited version is basically a continuation of Zoku . B-men Gahou's footage. That is to say, it'll feature the band talking about the production of the album over food and booze (60+ min.) -------------------------------------------------------------- As mentioned above, the photobook will be 80 pages in total. -------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, there are pre-order bonuses for pre-ordering the album between January 24 and February 17, 2020: * The standard edition will come with a ten color ballpoint pen * The limited version will come with a DVD-R containing making-of footage for the album trailer and artwork trailer ----------------------------------------------------------------
  12. SakuraFox512

    Kind of interesting that the same guy who wrote "autism -Jisheishou-" decided to collaborate with a group that encourages the polar opposite sort of views, but okay.
  13. SakuraFox512

    Bumping this in the hopes that somebody can offer help. I keep getting this error nowadays when I try to load nicovideo and haven't been able to get it to stop: Can't exactly download anything since nothing will load anymore. Nicozon is an alternative for watching some videos, at least, but I can't manage to download from there either.
  14. SakuraFox512

    Ryutaro from Plastic Tree likes animals in general, but he's especially into cats -- he tweets about his own cat a fair bit, has fawned over other cats on numerous occasions, his bandmates have brought up his penchant for cats before, and there was at least one group interview that had to get partially edited down for brevity because him, the interviewer, and the other guest (Aijii, from LM.C/ex-PIERROT) got on a tangent about cats. (On that note, Aiji is pretty fond of cats) Also, I'm amazed nobody has mentioned Atsushi Sakurai yet; he's like the resident cat oyaji of VK.
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