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  1. VulgarKingdom

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Baby who wanders , I actually cried a bit when I got it and listened to it and watched the Bluray that came with it . ANYWAY Have to heard Velvet Bird ( was a single sold at lives when Ataru first joined , someone uploaded it to YouTube ) it's really good , only Die sings that one and I love that song so much as well .
  2. VulgarKingdom

    I get you all have your own opinions but please don't argue about it ó _ ò yes Die's voice isn't the best but at least he's working on it , I can tell he's improved and there is still room for him to work on his vocals and improve . The fact that people gave up on DECAYS right after their FIRST release is really upsetting but I guess that tells you a lot about the DEG fans lmao . I just wish people wouldn't be so quick to judge someone based off their first release , keep in mind it's their first and most likely won't be their best because they always improve and get better with their talents .
  3. VulgarKingdom

    Sadly only Kireina Yubi has been uploaded to YouTube , I don't know if any places that may have their Baby who wanders album up
  4. VulgarKingdom

    Not anymore , Velvet Bird isn't autotune at all and nor is Kireina Yubi . There are a few on Baby who wanders that are autotune ( HELLO NEW I , Die's parts in Rana ) but most of the songs on Baby who wanders are not autotune
  5. VulgarKingdom

    Sorry about the typo omg x D I have heard some of the NOVEMBERS but I'm still meh about Yusuke's voice
  6. VulgarKingdom

    I like his voice though . ____ . ' in Kireina Yubi it sounded amazing
  7. VulgarKingdom

    So I didn't really notice much of a DECAYS topic on here , so I decided I'd start one ^ ^ ' I will be honest I like DECAYS more than Dir en grey even tho I'm more into heavier music , DECAYS is who I'll say I like the most out of the three ( Dir en grey , DECAYS , Sukekiyo ) . So I guess I'll ask some questions and you guys can answer to start a discussion yea ? Do you prefer when they had Yousuke singing with Die or Ataru ? My answer : I honestly much prefer Ataru . Her voice is really amazing and goes well with Die's . I have yet to hear a live video of her singing with him , but I really didn't like hearing Yousuke live when there was still a video of one of their lives was still up . What are your feelings about the members changes after Yousuke left ? My answer : I am honestly glad that Ayasa had joined in , all the Baby who wanders versions of the songs they remade are amazing in all honesty . I much prefer the Baby who wanders versions over Red or Maryam Red or Maryam or Baby who wanders ? My answer : Baby who wanders . I get to hear more of Die and the violin parts make the remakes so much better omg . What are some of your favorite songs ? My answer : Eve , Vagabond , Kireina Yubi ( 綺麗な指 ) , Drifting Litter , and Velvet Bird .
  8. VulgarKingdom

    Hello ^ ^ ' I happened to come across this site by just looking for Visual Kei things and places where people sell their old merch , and just over all a community of Visual Kei fans . Please be aware I do have some anxiety issues ^ ^ ' so please be kind and forgive me for any late reply and being overwhelmed easily ó _ ò More stuff Also please call me by Koukai ^ ^ ' ~ ♡ I go by he / him and they / them pronouns I do have discord so I may join the server soon ^ ^ just give me some time to get comfortable
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