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  1. xtreme1

    Very cool. Recommendations on where to start to get into something like this?
  2. Find a site with daily music uploads. Check back daily for bands with dank album covers. Download. Rinse. Repeat.
  3. xtreme1

    My wife won't stop listening to the new Stolas album. Great band with lost potential. WTF is Linkin Park even doing anymore. I thought the last album was them trying to get back on the nu-metal bandwagon, but after the new single from One More LIght - Heavy (ironically) is the most boring song I've heard in ages. The new While She Sleeps is solid, glad to see them coming back strong.
  4. Chicks that scream ftw. TK from ling counts right? /s Just found these guys recently, and hey they're japanese too: Story of Hope: https://www.facebook.com/soh.sendai/ mildrage:
  5. This album still gets me rock hard. The guy Peet, who made it, is a bit of a lovable dick hipster, and only makes crappy electronic stuff now that he grew up out of his emo sceney weeeny life, but at least we got this out of him. nintendo-core:
  6. xtreme1

    My dad never was really too into music from what I could tell. Around highschool he started listening to XM top 40's. My mom was pretty much only into church music. In something the apple does fall far from the tree. Somehow both me and my wife only listen to metal, even met at a metal concert.
  7. xtreme1

    I guess it's not that surprising since avril lavigne has a big Japanese fanbase (apparently) , but when she was on the new crappy ONE OK ROCK album Ambitions, as a guest vocalist I almost puked. Loved the bands early stuff but the last two albums have been pretty cringy, IMO.
  8. xtreme1

    Managed to make it onto the GHOUL tour Blu-ray. House of Blues in Chicago, I'm the crowd surfing one waving my hands like a maniac:
  9. xtreme1

    I listen to a large variety. As long as that variety is a sub-genre of metal
  10. xtreme1

    Anyone have recommendations for djent or any heavy, rhythm sections mixed clean/scream vocals? I've really been enjoying anything with low tunings and polyrhythms lately.
  11. xtreme1

    Probably already covered by someone, but the boys (and girl) are back: http://www.maximumthehormone.jp/news.html
  12. xtreme1

    ぷるぷる (purupuru) The mimetic word for wobbling.
  13. A little old now, but just now getting back into playing songs off of this album. Working through 流転の塔 now. If anyone else is trying to find tabs for Dum Spiro Spero, it ain't easy. Ended up buying the band score from amazon.jp around $30: https://www.amazon.com/x300C-SPIRO-SPERO-x300D-score/dp/4401356705
  14. xtreme1

    Anybody else enjoy some J-Djent? These guys have a feel very similar to the Djent/prog-metal/alt metal band Tesseract.
  15. xtreme1

    Fun post-hardcore act, can't say I know much about them. Their first album had more of an elctronic/dance influence, while their newest EP, that the video is from, is more just post-hardcore style. Really enjoying their latest EP. https://twitter.com/sst_official?lang=en
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