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  1. tenshibara

    I wish I could watch but I'm in school that day and I leave the house at 8am when it starts
  2. tenshibara

    Honestly I wish I'd gotten into them sooner. I really liked them and I'm super sad to hear about this... WHEN WILL THE DISBANDMENTS STOP
  3. tenshibara

    Well that was short lived. Looks like the disbandment train is starting its rounds again... Did it ever stop?
  4. tenshibara

    tanin no fukou wa mistu no aji english translation There's one here~
  5. Lord, I really need to know about Noah and Avanchick and RR because I know tiny pieces of the story ;-; Where the hell do people find these things out?! Am I just looking in the wrong places?! I'm so out of everything ffs
  6. tenshibara

    What's up with Noah? I heard that 'tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji' was actually about something he'd done but I'm not sure.
  7. tenshibara

    Seeing Rui (or Lyubi or whatever) in those clothes is like seeing your Grandma wearing a bandanna and a grill, it's unnatural though I could get used to it.
  8. Finally! I though they were dead or something... Does anyone know where to get their first stuff from? I can't find it anywhere!
  9. tenshibara

    Maybe conditional disbandments are like a "Let's see how many people actually bother to show up and if it's not enough we're out bitches" kinda thing but always goes wrong? I get why they do it but like girl stop
  10. Too frickin' true. I hope he's okay though.
  11. tenshibara

    Lmao I wonder what private information was leaked? Deep dark secrets or bank account numbers?
  12. tenshibara

    Lol they'd better come back. I heard somewhere that it would be some time next year but I'm not sure. I hope so, I want to see them live when I go on holiday after I'm done with school. It better not be another Malice Mizer type hiatus, I'll die lmao oh well
  13. I hope he gets better, even if he isn't returning to the band <3
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