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  1. Fuck World Trade is not only one of my favorite punk albums ever but also has one of my favorite album covers
  2. RateYourMusic is actually the social media website on which I'm most active, but I regularly check Twitter and occasionally Tumblr as well. I fucking hate Facebook because they're incredibly invasive of your privacy and I don't want to be found by people I know in real life either. The only reason I keep a Facebook account is because I've found some useful local groups.
  3. hermitosis

    possibly doesn't fit the dungeon synth genre as much as some of the other music posted here (idk, not super into this type of music) but I love whatever you'd call this
  4. Akubi Object - unique deathrock band from the 1990s California scene and supposedly had connections to Rozz according to sources I've read Arctic Flowers - cool melodic female-fronted goth punk from Portland, pretty catchy
  5. hermitosis

    some weird-ass metal from Ukraine
  6. hermitosis

    Christian Death (Rozz Williams era) Cinema Strange Skinny Puppy
  7. hermitosis

    my favorites: Malice Mizer - Merveilles Aliene Ma'riage - Les Soirèe 夜の舞踏会/断罪の章~神罰篇 Madeth Gray'll - Lucifer Baiser - Ash Luna Sea - Mother
  8. hermitosis

    In this dream I'll never wake up from With the illusion of you I want to share kisses forever When I think of you, dear as you were to me For some reason the tears won't stop It's too sad, your end Vanishing in the cold rain And as the morning rises, I'll suffer from my depressions again I will continue singing for you forever Only in the tears I shed I will find......... Happiness Madeth Gray'll - "missantroop"
  9. I wish I was born Japanese just for their public transportation and bullet trains. Driving everywhere sucks.
  10. hermitosis

    For most of my life, I've lived way out in the rural US far away from any major cities large enough for Japanese bands to visit, so traveling six, eight, ten hours somewhere to see a VK band perform isn't really worth it, especially having a low-paying job and no college education. So I've never lived close enough to a major city to feel bad about missing out. I was hoping after moving to Atlanta, I'd have a better chance of seeing visual kei bands here. Yet it seems like a lot of Japanese bands prefer to go to Dallas if they visit the south. The Gazette is only doing Los Angeles, Dallas, and NYC when they come to the US. However, Mana is coming to Anime Weekend Atlanta later this year for a Moi-même-Moitié event, so I'm pretty hyped about that
  11. hermitosis

    I saw Babymetal when they came to Atlanta and was absolutely blown away. Just the chemistry between all the members is pretty impressive. I wish I could've been closer to the stage, but it was still a lot of fun since I don't get to go out to concerts much.
  12. hermitosis

    Wow, most bands who started in that era usually disbanded after a couple years. I'm pretty impressed they kept going for so long.
  13. hermitosis

    Damn you Grim Reaper, stop taking away people I like
  14. hermitosis

    Malice Mizer I stumbled upon Bara no Seidō while searching for some goth bands on the internet. I can't remember but finding Malice Mizer may have been how I got into gothic lolita fashion as well. That happened at around the same time. Then I became more interested in visual kei as a whole and the rest is history.
  15. hermitosis

    Wow, I haven't even heard the Doppelganger Anthology yet. These guys have been really active lately!
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