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  1. Waru Chibi

    There were some bands figuring out what to do after the composer left I ment mejibray turned out fine after Vanessas composer decided to go and the band disbanded... There are other bands where fans like the songs of other members than the main composer (I feel that for bands myself and often like the songs best if they were not written by the one who always writes the band's songs) I saw Sarigia live and went to an instore and yes they all said it was an experiment but they had fun and what not is does not mean will never be. Could be an end but also could be a new beginning
  2. Waru Chibi

    yes he was fired because he revealed some private information about the other members to fans and also told lies and gossip about the others. I am sure the others come up with songs they did with the Halloween singles and they might find another good drummer who helps them out!
  3. Waru Chibi

    I can't see the blog cause i am not in the FC but i am sure it will pop up sooner or later Yeah sure they can come back as a new band/project all together or split up. I am sure the others are not interested in giving up music completely too So it's not that dark but if it ends up like Initial'L it's nothing good cause i won't enjoy the new project then... and I loved crazy, pervert yoshi on stage
  4. Waru Chibi

    yep so let'S see what they come up with hopefully together X_X
  5. Waru Chibi

    found this on FB: He says that their company wanted them to say it's a hiatus, but he doesn't want to lie to their fans and make them wait for a comeback, since there won't be any comeback. They're just disbanding Yoshiatsu also says they'll all comeback, maybe together, maybe not, he still doesn't know, but for sure Yoshiatsu will continue to sing. So let's wait for their comeback even if it's in separate bands...
  6. Waru Chibi

    Looks like they turned the Hiatus into a disband X_X
  7. Waru Chibi

    would you buy one for me too?
  8. Waru Chibi

    i think it's not only bad comments. vocal Kokoro suffers from depression and maybe it is too much for him? i can't say for sure but being a musician is rough and when you have to deal with bad feedback it's even rougher
  9. Waru Chibi

    my heart broke into pieces TvT
  10. I still don't like the vocals TvT but I like all the ex fixer members plus tomoya ~ どうする( ˘•ω•˘ ) what shall i do xD supporting is rather difficult now x.x
  11. Waru Chibi

    i need this x3 the new outfits are really cute compared to the old ones It's not as catchy as 「suki suki...」 but it fits totally in kagekui's concept (lyrics) now i want to go and see them live again at once TvT
  12. Waru Chibi

    Kagrra and A9 are sold
  13. Waru Chibi

    yeah that died in Japan. too much new stuff and concerts but was fun XDDD and when I think about it it was "just" 45$ XD
  14. Waru Chibi

    haha I should ask my friend if she can rip my cd for me, because it's still with her (I am moving - happy to have them around for packing) I did a thing on my last day in Japan and bought coda too X_X could not resist... well and I am looking forward to more releases - kind of
  15. ah and i did not see that post and was wondering why it was allowed to smoke inside now. and where the icevendingmachine went. earlier there was an ashtray somewhere outide (i think bands entrance which is on the front too)
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