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  1. Piyu Kotodama

    Thank you for the translation! Sui seems to be really desperate I wonder if he will reach his goal
  2. Piyu Kotodama

    Every Sui's step disappoints me even more Wish him luck in looking for a sugar daddy in France French fans probably must be happy tho
  3. Piyu Kotodama

    I wonder if shaking the mv was really that necessary... Looking forward their releases and the day they will start performing without wigs одо
  4. Not this, but the whole thing "he said bad stuff about us so we'll say bad stuff about him also to make ourselves look good". Also, if Urara actually were that bad person as it's claimed, he wouldn't get so much support from members of other bands after he was removed from the band. There is already so many members left yumeleep that I don't believe in Nemu's innocence.
  5. Wow. Yumeleep guys have definitely hit the bottom. Even if it's true, looks like a childish discourse. They seriously have to grow up at least outside of stage.
  6. I hope Urara will find a better band Drummers are always needed and members of other bands seem to support him
  7. Piyu Kotodama

    Btw their drummer is Karuto (ex-SIVA-->haunted-->Valls-->MELISSA-->D'sko-->VaniKilL)
  8. Does anybody know any shopping services, that allow credit card payment? Tried z*nmarket before but when I ordered from them they have thrown away shop bonuses and flyers so don't want to try this one anymore. I can't use paypal anymore does that mean there's nothing but cdjapan left for me 😢

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    2. crucifiction


      Yup, mutiple times!

    3. Piyu Kotodama

      Piyu Kotodama

      @crucifiction thanks for your reply. Now it's even weirder for me. Maybe it's something about local support or idek 

    4. crucifiction


      I believe you should give it a go - if you are worried about having the same problem, just make sure to contact them right after placing your order and I'm sure all will be fine.

  9. Piyu Kotodama

    That's sad But not unexpectable
  10. Piyu Kotodama

    I find it an extremely bad irony that he is going to do it in the day of megaromania disbandment
  11. Piyu Kotodama

    I was really into their previous works, but this... is just a big no for me. Too boring, both pv and song. Maybe the ending was supposed to look surprising, but it wasn't. The song itself is just too monotonous. Also I'm not really into that kind of pv with girls sorry guys
  12. Piyu Kotodama

    Wow That was fast Leaving even before the start of band activities Looks like a four-member curse for young bands nowadays
  13. Piyu Kotodama

    Mia made a guest appearence in Nokuto's pv (I still don't get the point tho)
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