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  1. SethItari

    Thanks for the honest feedback. I think we're on the same page, especially with the Japanese feeling out of place in Itari Ascend. At the time I wrote those songs I didn't really have my solo project so I didn't have an outlet for the Japanese lyrics I wanted to write, and now that I do I am considering dropping the Japanese from Itari Ascend to make the band more accessible. I think dropping it may be the only way to be taken seriously in the western market, sadly. I'll certainly keep at it with my solo work though. Hopefully someday it'll sound natural enough that you will find it enjoyable.
  2. SethItari

    "Core" sounds awesome! As a suggestion for future releases I would probably lower the guitars a little if it were me, but the singer still had the required space in the mix so it wasn't too bad, it's just that the guitar arrangement itself sounded great but felt grating to me at times just because of the volume. Awesome stuff though!
  3. SethItari

    Bienvenu au forums! I must ask, is LM.C quite popular in France? I never hear of them otherwise but when I listen to online radios based in France I hear of them A LOT. Pretty much, haha. There's something universally good about it to me. Let's be real, K-Pop artists are typically amazing vocalists. It'd sound sick to have them singing over rock songs.
  4. SethItari

    MY FIRST STORY Current Members Hiro - Vocals Teru - Guitars Kid'z - Drums Nob - Bass Non-touring & Former Members Sho - Guitars, Songwriter | Is no longer touring due to unspecified personal matters, but still acting as songwriter for the band. Masack - Drums | Former Drummer, reasons for leaving unknown. Releases Albums MY FIRST STORY (April 4, 2012) THE STORY IS MY LIFE (February 6, 2013) 虚言NEUROSE / KYOGEN NEUROSE (October 29, 2014) ANTITHESE (June 29, 2016) Singles 最終回STORY / Saishuukai STORY (July 3, 2013) Black Rail (July 16, 2014) 不可逆リプレイス / Fukagyaku Replace (September 24, 2014) ALONE (August 5, 2015) My First Story is a post-hardcore, melodic rock band originating from Shibuya, in Tokyo. Stylistically My First Story can be described as a post-hardcore act that emphasizes the rhythm section primarily to achieve a very heavy sound, while relying on leads often buried in the mix to add subtle melodic textures to their driving rock sound. The lyrics would appear to share a common theme, and seem to speak primarily of emotional struggles and various forms of anxiety. While the band takes after various tones depending on the song, a defining characteristic sound is their occasional use of country-pop inspired songwriting in a major key to a post-hardcore arrangement. (A style that typically makes use of more distortion on guitars and minor keys), such is the case on songs like Gift, Someday & Missing You. My Thoughts: I primarily created this topic as I was surprised to see it didn't exist already, and I really wanted a place to vent my excitement that ANTITHESE is coming out tomorrow! 虚言NEUROSE was an amazing album from start to finish, the only song I was not particularly fond of therein was "Gravity", and even then it had it's appeal as a head-banger. Given the trend I am seeing with the 3 ANTITHESE singles already released, I can only expect this one will be just as amazing!
  5. SethItari

    Saw them live in Japan on a surprisingly small stage. One of the best live bands around. Perhaps my favorite heavier metal band out there, on par with the great Slipknot. Their pits are INSANE, and they have a ton of energy. Given they're getting to be more and more international what with opening for BMTH and doing a bunch of big stages at European festivals, I hope that if any of you ever get the chance that you grab tickets right away. Certainly worth it! PS: they pull off their "softer" new material really well. Heck, the pits were as big if not bigger for some of those tracks.
  6. SethItari

    Wonderful song. I think I wanna learn it on Guitar!
  7. So I am a solo singer/songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario; Also the drummer and a primary songwriter for the band Itari Ascend. I like to promote my Japanese rock influences in my music, particularly in my solo work, and wish to make a name for myself and promote Japanese music locally as best I can. I'm planning the release of my second single soon, and until then I've set up an Itari Ascend sampler that contains a free download of my first single in it's entirety, as well as two unreleased DEMOs by my band Itari Ascend featuring me on vocals (the vocals especially are likely to change on the finished product). Check this post for details: On my last birthday I released my first single on official channels. (If you'd like to support me afterwards you can find me on iTunes and Amazon) Which song is your favorite? I'd love to know!
  8. Should be a poll answer: "Youtube Recommendations OP". Seriously though, I am not even sure how I discover music. There are these chains of music discovery you can follow. Find radio stations of a genre you like, playlists on youtube, etc. It honestly feels more like if I stick to the music I like, the music I like will just keep coming.
  9. SethItari

    I don't listen to many Korean female groups, but this was one of the few I listened to and enjoyed. That's a shame.
  10. SethItari


    Love this one. Guitar tones are on point every step of the way.
  11. I'm a fan of 5FDP and I would be surprised if anyone disagrees with you there, haha.
  12. SethItari


    The music sounds awesome man. You can really hear the influence. Honestly wish there were more bands like you guy's around my local scene. My town is fairly well known for post-hardcore. I personally would prefer more bands who sing clean to surface in the region, as I love post-hardcore as much as the next guy but I feel the live venues are just not as equip for it as they are cleaner rock/metal around here.
  13. SethItari


    The latest post on my twitter is actually a free download of my solo work (also on iTunes) and a few demos from my band so those would be the best things to listen to. But I also have various covers and such on my soundcloud. How about you? Does your previous band have any releases? I'd love to hear some.
  14. SethItari

    私はカナダ人です。私の町には、フランス語と英語を学ぶ人が多い。 ここで英語の方がフランス語より使うけど。 フランス語はちょっと難しいんだが、カナダに来て住んでいたポルトガル語を話せる友達は、英語を学んだ前にフランス語を学んだ。だから、ブラジル人なら、フランス語を勉強することはもっとやさしくなるかもしれない。 私はバンドマンですよ。今、バンドの公式のリリースはありませんが、日本語で歌ってみるソロプロジェクトがあるんだ。そのソロプロジェクト中、公式のリリースしたことがあります。ツイッターで一番新しくツイート のリンクは、私の自分で作った音楽の無料サンプルです。良かったら、ダウンロードして聞いてみてください。 カジュアル話し方のほうがもっと好きですが、敬語みたいな話し方もよく勉強します。 プラスティック虹さんは「思います」とか「です」とか使ったことを読んだから、丁寧的になり決めたかもしれません。 敬語かカジュアルかどちらの方はいい練習だと思います。
  15. SethItari


    I get what you mean. My band really took a turn to inactivity when I got busy with school and whatnot. But I've always sorta kept at it myself whenever I get the chance because I just can't stop wanting to do music with my life no matter how busy it gets. Me and the bassist for said band are getting the ball rolling again, so I'm looking forward to that.
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