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  1. crossparallel

    Taemin keeps satisfying my vkei cravings more than actual vkei 😁 The whole album is wonderful, instant favorite.
  2. crossparallel

    The whole track is on Spotify too! Overwhelmingly chaotic and wonderful. They didn't give us a lot to go on in the teaser, but I've liked all songs so far, super excited.
  3. crossparallel

    @sads123 I may try it! I recorded with Windows' built-in recorder last time.
  4. crossparallel

    @sads123 Already signed up for premium! I'll be at work during the concert😔, but promise a recording in the evening.
  5. crossparallel

    The way I would have missed the release and randomply stumbled upon it months later, if it weren't for the videos - missed these guys! 💗
  6. crossparallel

    @sads123 Is this a different thing then (scroll down for photo), or the same? Have there been various mystery cassette tapes through the years?
  7. crossparallel

    @Tokage Well the title literally translates to Mystery Cassette Tape, after all 😄 From what I could find, it was a live surprise thingy that you could get on the [collector] Tour Extra ~Mystery Day~ concert in exchange for your mystery card, don't know what the deal with the mystery cards was though and I couldn't be bothered to google it more, so hope that was useful.
  8. Does anyone have recommendations for albums with a similar mood / sonic palette to Aoki Yutaka's Lost in Forest? It's the only music I can think of that doesn't annoy me at the moment, and I will need music to keep me company at home.

    1. Kiyoharu is God

      Kiyoharu is God

      Maybe world's end girlfriend?



    2. CAT5


      ^ Seconded.


      You might also want to look into the works of Arai Tasuku. Similar stuff:


      @crossparallel - I'm assuming since you know of Aoki Yutaka, you also know about downy, yeah? If not, definitely check them out. Highly recommended and all of their albums are on spotify

    3. crossparallel


      @Kiyoharu is God @CAT5 Thank you so much! I think these will do perfectly.

      I do know downy! Though I haven't gone through all their albums yet. They are incredible, but feel a bit overwhelming for me now.

  9. crossparallel

    I just want to go home and listen to all Kenichi's songs on repeat... Jigsaw's onto something with his sparse credits on recent albums, but still I was not ready for this. I can't even imagine Merry without Kenichi. I hope he finds happiness and the band continue being strong - they've been through so much!
  10. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day!! ♥

  11. crossparallel

    Couldn't get the download to work, but guess what, I have a screen recording! If anyone wants to help me record it properly from nico, that will be so appreciated. If not, I'll put the screen recording up tomorrow. Edit: MERRY ONE MAN TOUR 2019 - For Japanese Sheeple - There were a couple of hiccups with the stream, but hopefully small enough that they won't distract from the experience.
  12. crossparallel

    If you can wait until the weekend, I'll sign up for premium and try to record it then.
  13. crossparallel

    It's so tiring hearing the same rehashed opinions about k-pop being exploitative, manufactured etc. The truth of the fact is, yes there are some toxic sides to the industry, but it differs from group to group and change is happening. If people discussed say American pop music the way they do k-pop, taking every breakdown, every atrocity and using it to paint the whole industry, what an ugly picture that would be. Anyway, there's a large overlap in the things that draw me to k-pop and visual kei. Mixing music styles, theatrical concepts, interesting personalities. And there's a ton of variety , if you like me are drawn to angsty, dramatic shit, boy does k-pop provide. The part of me that enjoys visual kei is 100% the same that listened to BTS' Singularity and Tear on repeat all of last year.
  14. I enjoyed this a lot. Given it was the least promising of the previews for me, my expectations for the EP are at an all-time high.
  15. Agreed that 3 and 4 sound the most interesting. Not really feeling the rest from the samples, but I ended up liking sheeple, so I expect nothing less.
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