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  1. rockgamegirl

    what are you looking for?
  2. rockgamegirl

    I'm still looking for members, please contact me. I'm at a point where I'd work with someone from a distance online even, especially with the current situation
  3. rockgamegirl

    I've tried but I jut don't have any luck in this town where everyone for some reason wants to play stuff like 'Brown eyed girl'
  4. rockgamegirl

    A little bit of an update. we now have a vocalist and bassist with backing vocals
  5. rockgamegirl

    I'm a female vocalist looking to form a band. currently looking for a guitar player or two, bassist and drummer. My influences are Nightmare, Nightwish, Within temptation, X Japan, Evanescence. I would like people that are committed to the group and would like to eventually get to touring level. you can either message me on here or at my email at rockgamer724@gmail.com
  6. rockgamegirl

    Still looking for musicians currently. here's a clip of me singing a song from Nightwish (I know not a vk song) called "She is my Sin"
  7. rockgamegirl

    what do you play? if you don't mind me asking
  8. rockgamegirl

    unfortunately, no. I live about an hour or so north of the city
  9. rockgamegirl

    Hey I'm trying to form a new VK band in NY. not looking for online based bands unfortunately because I'm not too tech savvy so I'd like to hear from musicians in NY. influenced by both VK bands and Non-vk bands like Nightmare, X Japan, The gazette, Nightwish, Within temptation, Evanescence. I prefer to sing lead, looking for 2 guitar players, bassist and drummer. Hope to hear from you all soon
  10. rockgamegirl

    Now we need a drummer so anyone that plays and wants to join, leave us a message
  11. rockgamegirl

    ok we'll check him out too soon
  12. We are just starting out and we're looking to form an online based vk band and we are currently looking for a vocalist and drummer to join from, well pretty much everywhere. We currently have 2 guitarists and a bassist and we're influenced mainly by Nightmare, but of course we have multiple different influences. So if interested message us here or at our twitter accounts below. Can't wait to hear back. me-> https://twitter.com/Rockgamegirl Ryan-> https://twitter.com/diryangrey Retsuki-> https://twitter.com/RetsukiVK
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