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  1. The Moon

    certified iconic thread x
  2. my delusional king!!!!!!! take my coins!!!!!
  3. The Moon

    how sad! i never listened to them x
  4. The Moon

    India shouldn't have been in the bottom. She was brought down by Mayhem, like Trixie with Milk in The Bitchelor. The real bottom two should have been Blair and Mayhem, but given how rigged AS seasons are, I'm not surprised. I'm still entertained, but the producer riggory is so fucking obvious this season. Cracker didn't deserve that win - Jujubee was WAY funnier than her. I could even argue that Alexis could have won, which would really spread the wins around, but it seems that every season the producers pick 3 queens to push and will do anything to force the storylines. I'm tired.
  5. mucc album recs for someone who really enjoyed 壊れたピアノとリビングデッド??? they have so many lol idk where to start

    1. Seimeisen



    2. Jigsaw9


      What Seimei listed is all you'll need basically (maybe start with 是空).

  6. The Moon

  7. The Moon

    it's out x
  8. The Moon

    don't blame u tbh
  9. would love to get absolutely trashed with everybody from rands where we all mope about art and take ourselves entirely too seriously.
  10. anyone planning on recording this?? i work so idk if i'll be able to be awake lmao
  11. he actually painted these during their oneman shows..imagine seeing such talent in person. iconic.
  12. i have nothing forever ❤️❤️❤️
  13. i love how each rands release is so differnt from the last one but still so ~them~ anyway stream on spotify deers x
  14. The Moon

    i work in a grocery store so RIP 2 me but at least we're getting a +2 an hour bonus raise!!!! totally worth it
  15. Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Rands. I think they're a really interesting band.

  16. The Moon

    Doesn't he have health problems? It might not just be plastic surgery. : (
  17. The Moon

    Rands, as of right now. I try out new artists every now and then, but nothing has clicked like they have.
  18. The Moon

    i'm going to come into your house at night and take all of your teeth x same
  19. everyone talking about dimlim when rands already released the best album of the year..this is femme fatale all over again 😦

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    2. Shir0


      might not agree with "best album of the year" but Im happy to see that someone else enjoyed this album too :) 

    3. 123Sandman321


      x2 on "their first mini was better"

    4. saishuu


      year just started, the album is gonna be forgotten in a matter of weeks x

  20. The Moon

    i was vibing to their remake album a few days ago...but huns this will never be released x
  21. The Moon

    we love to see it!
  22. The Moon

    Moran is a very special band to me - in my opinion, they developed their particular brand of VK into something that felt genuinely elevated. There's plenty of cheese, but they were very particular in how they applied VK cliches into their own brand. Like Dolly and amber gris, every Moran song has an incredibly unique atmosphere. Hitomi is a fantastic poet, but his lyrics can be difficult: I really think that while Moran had plenty of hard-hitting tracks that could resonate with anyone, their main strength was in subtlety, and lyrics play a big part of that. The problem was that the majority of the overseas Fatima/Moran fandom was already Japanese literate or close to it, so while I did my best to promote the band, I knew that unless you spoke Japanese, a huge part of their appeal was going to be lost. Moran songs are very lyrical, with many changing keys or reaching climaxes in tune with the lyrics, and while I know that many bands do that also, in Moran's case, it was done in a much more "quieter" way, if that makes sense. I also think that songs that are heavy on the atmosphere, without loud breakdowns or super-poppy choruses are not going to resonate with the majority of overseas fans, which is a shame, because mid-tempo tracks with emotive instrumentals are where Moran truly shines. Bulbs and Wing or Tail are good examples of this, not to mention their dark EP, which is one of my favorite VK albums of all time. I think dark is an absolute classic, an equal to albums like Merveilles by Malice Mizer and GAUZE by Dir en grey. The whole EP reads like an exploration of sorrow: there are songs that deal with loneliness, of being abandoned, of losing a loved one, of longing for an impossible ideal. Even though there's plenty of drama, the whole album feels raw, and human. I read an interview once, where the band explained that their name came from a particular character in the Moomin comic series, named Mårran. From Wikipedia: This is Moran's essence. No matter the song, there's always an element of lacking connection, of wanting something but being unable to achieve it - a longing. To listen to Moran is to is yearn for something that is unattainable.
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