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  1. haiironoanemone

    And if anyone is interested in here's the MV of their summer song "Manatsu no ballad" with english subs
  2. haiironoanemone

    True there are a lot of non-dark VK bands too especially in Oshare-kei style, but I've just got the feeling that many foreign fans only like/prefer the dark bands like Mejibray, Killaneth, Dadaroma and so on There are two songs of their live limited album on Youtube if you like to listen If I have more time someday I might upload the other ones with eng subs as well although I always have a bad conscience if I just upload a band songs that they haven't uploaded but a ffriend assisted me with this one and wanted to so we did it back then x'D Their ballad "Wasurenagusa" with eng subs: (if you click on CC) And I also found "Namidagasa" from the 2nd version they released of the live limited album in summer 2015:
  3. haiironoanemone

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me spreading a survey about Visual Kei lyrics to Japanese fans I already posted it in lyric threads on tanuki and on twitter, now on Japanese question&answer sites like goo but it's kinda hard to find Japanese bangya willing to give their opinion price...so I wonder if anyone has any ideas where else I could post my survey so it might reach some more Japanese fans Also it might be very helpful if anyone had a Twitter account with some Japanese bangya following it- in that case I would appreciate if you could maybe share/retweet the following tweet (only if you don't mind of course, I don't want to force anyone to something they don't want to post): Thanks in advance for any kind of help in case of spreading it (I don't need any opinions on the survey itself as this fits my purpose for my paper and I know my Japanese is ofc not perfect yet)
  4. haiironoanemone

    I'm very happy to read that there actually are people out there who appreciate Belle just like I do It seemed to me that there are almost no VK fans overseas who appreciate them but I guess I was wrong! Also happy to see their album in the staff picks list in the 25 days of christmas thread Some fans told me they are not VK enough because they prefer the dark bands but I'm really glad that those were only a handful of fans as it seems! In case anyone is interested, I'm running a facebook page and a twitter account in order to support Belle overseas- Please check it out and follow/like if you are interested(^^) I've been a bit lazy these days with posting but I will do my best (>///<) When I have time I also sometimes translate song lyrics or interviews of them(^^) You can find a translation of an interview about "Refrain" on the Twitter page! (Still have to upload it on FB too) Facebook: Belle International Support (Facebook) Twitter: https://twitter.com/belleworldwide
  5. haiironoanemone

    Thank you to everyone who shared his/her thoughts about this topic so detailed I wouldn't have expected so much reaction, but I guess my friend was right about monochrome heaven being awesome to discuss things with other VK-fans after all Also thank you to those who even gave me links to some useful topics of this forum or to other useful texts/websites!!! I realized a lot through the kind answers and I really might rethink putting bands into those subgenre categories as they are outdated and as the bands themselves mostly don't even use these kind of subgenre terms to describe their concept so a lot of people put different bands into different categories while many bands would probably fit in more than one as each and every band is unique. For example, a Japanese master thesis said the Gazette was kote-kei but other websites put the Gazette in kote-osa kei and it's really hard to categorise a band like that. The subgenres are very loose and actually not clearly stated by anyone. (I totally misunderstood Nagoya-kei for example from what I read online until I read the posts here) If I was to use terms for subgenres for modern VK I would probably have to interview a lot of Japanese fans about how they categorize bands<< My teacher just said I need to be careful about which bands to chose as they would represent VK in my paper then so my first thought was like what about splitting VK in subgenres and look at the lyrics of each subgenre seperate...but well as I said I have to think about that. It's really hard to choose bands to represent VK and results might differ upon which bands you choose. My plan was/is to use a content analysis program to find out the most used terms and topics in the lyrics of VK (and maybe some pecularity in the used language) but it's also hard because there are probably changes over time but as I'm only writing a 20 pages seminar paper I can't write about all the years from ~1980 to today so I would have to decide on a time slot. Before dividing bands into subgenres I thought about taking albums/singles of VK that have made it into the oricon indies charts (the weekly ones as there are only big bands like R-shitei or Kiryu in the yearly ones) in a certain time frame but I also don't know how representative that is and which timeframe would be good to choose. My thought was the last 5 years as I know the most about recent bands but maybe I should choose some complete different topic orz It would be easier if it was a master thesis where you can write way more pages than just some seminar paper >< And also I need to apologize because I always mistake this is a pen with Ensoku because of the song, but I actually meant Ensoku and not this is a pen I will take care from now on to write the right band name of the band I actuall mean (>_<);; Already saw Ensoku live three times together with my fav. band so it's a shame I still mistake the band name ><;;
  6. haiironoanemone

    Hello dear monochrome heaven community I'm a Japanese studies student and I am planning to write my seminary paper about Visual Kei this semester. To be concrete, I would like to analyze modern Visual kei lyrics (language and contents) and thought about analyzing them according to subgenres and take e.g 5 bands per sub-genre. Now my problem is that there are so many especially recent bands where I don't know which subgenre they belong to and also, there are so many subgenres and everyone writes about them a bit differently. The ones I found out in a Japanese master thesis and in the internet are: 1) Kote-kei (90's bands, so I probably won't need that one as I'm focusing on modern VK) 2) Oshare-kei (I guess the samples explain it) An Cafe, LM.C, SuG, Kra 3) Koteosu-kei (mix of Kote kei and oshare kei) Bands: the Gazette, Nightmare 4) Sofubi-kei (natural make-up, softer music that is catchy and easy to listen to) Alice Nine, Vivid, SID (late era) 5) O-tanbi-kei (Influenced by the renaissance in Europe) Versailles, Misaruka, D, Kaya 6) O-warai-kei (I guess the examples explain what this subgenre is like) Golden Bomber, this is a Pen 7) Wafuu-kei (costumes & setting traditionally Japanese, also using typically Japanese instruments) Kagrra, Kiryu, Zin, Memento Mori, Orochi 8 ) Angura kei (also traditional Japanese setting& costume but usually very dark) MUCC, cali gari, guruguru eigakan, Plastic tree, heidi, Waggakki band sub-sub genres: misshitsu-kei, chikashitsu-kei, shironuri kei, eroguro kei, showa kayou kei 9) Kirakira/host-kei The Sherry 10) Nagoya-kei Avel Cain, Deathgaze So if anyone knows any more bands for one of these subgenres it would be very helpful to me Mainly bands formed after 2000~ would be great as I want to focus on modern Visual Kei. Also, as I mentioned, there are some bands I would really incorporate into my paper but I'm not sure to which subgenre I could add them. Dadaroma, Scapegoat, Mejibray, Killaneth, Balalaika, Grieva, DIO, Kuroyuri to kage etc- which subgenre might darker bands like this belong to? Or recent bands like Clowd, Belle, Gigamous, Chanty, Staa-ku, Pentagon, Sibile-bashir (probably o-warai-kei though) or Anfiel (maybe kirakira kei?)- I have no idea where I could add these ones. Or R-shitei, Royz, the Raid, Sick2, Purple Stone, Screw, Black Line, the Lotus, Fest Vanqueur, Neverland, Gossip, Blaive, Initial L/Lycaon, HERO, Astaria, BORN, Diaura, ViV etc etc So if anyone knows something more about one of these subgenres, or just knows any band to add to one of these (doesn't have to be one of the ones I mentioned) or could guess where one of the band mentioned above might belong to- any little comment would be helpful I hope I posted this in the right category of the forum, please tell me if not or if a post like this is unapproprite (>///<) Thank you very much in advance
  7. Today during their nico-nico live show Belle announced the release of their 3rd single on October 21th! The single will come in 3 different types and moreover even with a music video so this day will also mark the release of Belle's very first music video~Please look forward to more information! ^-^
  8. Hello Just thought of dropping by because I manage a facebook page for Belle called "Belle International Support" and if you are interested in Belle, please drop by my page as well sometime~ I do my best to deliver all the news although it's sometimes difficult when I'm in stress https://www.facebook.com/BelleInternationalSupport I've translated a few interviews of them which you can read as notes on the page as well and I still have a lot of new interviews lying at home waiting to be translated ^_~ In the interviews you can read all about their concept "Kayo suspense" (Showa era hit song suspense) Also, there are already enough videos about Belle on Youtube if you want to get to know more about them Check out Belle International's Youtube channel ^^/~ For example, a video introducing Belle with a few live videos in the end- perfect for beginners And their ballad Wasurenagusa with subtitles! Today, I also found that a Japanese fan uploaded two songs of their 2nd single, Gozen sanji no kanjousen: 1. Gozen sanji no kanjousen (the loop line at 3 am) 2. Bye Bye Although I'm not a fan of people uploading songs from a CD you could actually buy because I want more foreign fans to buy their CDs too, but it's also a good method to make people get into their music...so I'm kind of in a pinch but well please listen to them!! They have a lot of potential and deserve more international fans If you have any questions about them and want to know more about them, feel free to ask me and share your impressions about them!
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