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  1. Actually they don't speak italian...they speak german normaly but some of them are perfectly capable of speaking italian.
  2. Actually i have The Disposal of World, EGuism and all answers in Self. PM Me if you're interested.
  3. Kyotarou

    Just because that sick intro stays in my mind all day once i hear it again.
  4. Mostly through youtube and recommandations of friends. I'm also kinda caught in some scenes so that counts as exploring too.
  5. I have quite a story to tell about them i get to know them when i was going to a live of III-Ligro in 2013 . They were the best band of the night ( altough seemingly no one came because of them) and were one hell of a bunch of nice dudes. They tried talking english as much as they could and were very happy when i bought their entire discography up until their album gallery and signed it as well. Thing is: they are sooo much better live than on CD. I think unfortunately this is what drags people away from them ...
  6. Ok so i'll upload it. But need to be home first cause i'm at japan until the 21. of march. It gives you a clue about how they sound at least. Pretty good quality though for a iPhone recording.
  7. Soo i've been to their live yesterday and it was amazing. Their sound is definitely something thats entirely composed by yuuki as you may thought. Similiar to unsraws later works past-guilty EP. I recorded the concert as a whole with cuts at the end of each song so that you can hear what it actually sounds like. Still not the best sound quality though. So if somebody requests it i can upload it by the end of next week as Live Tereko.
  8. Kyotarou

    I was at their live at ikebukuro edge 2 days ago and it was amazing. He was like a completely different person in terms of stage acting compared to before his hiatus from the band. He was in full controll of his voice as well compared to the other time. They even played Nihilism at the show and Paradox. And he looked a lot happier than the last time. Still there wasn't a second guitarist on stage and they still couldnt play paranoid personality because of that very reason but i think they are far off from disbanding from what i've seen now.
  9. Kyotarou

    Sweet these dudes are awesome!
  10. Kyotarou

    Scheisse biste echt auch n schweizer? Schick mal daten von dir per pn ! Woher bist du denn?
  11. Kyotarou

    Hey . Nein ich komponiere nicht. Helfe natürlich den anderen ein bisschen beim Songs zusammenstellen aber eigendlich singe ich nur. Halt mit Screams , Growls etc.
  12. Kyotarou

    Ich mach musik. Singe in ner punklastigen hardcoreband. Sonst halt das übliche.
  13. Kyotarou

    Hier ist auch n deutsch sprechender! Aus der schweiz. Naja unser deutsch ist doch noch n wenig schwerer. Eigendlich hab ich noch nie nen deutschen getroffen der schweizerdeutsch richtig aussprechen konnte.
  14. Hey i'd like to request these lyrics in english please! Somebody can help me?
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