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  1. fictioninhope

    Reading Genki's latest tweet, it definitely sounds like they have definitely gotten a new vocalist. He said something along the lines of there being a reason they can't go on together but he can't say any details and that he's sorry but he wants everyone to know he will keep singing meteo songs.
  2. fictioninhope

    I assume so? I'm still somewhat confused on it. I woke up and got on twitter and was like "who the fuck are all these GREEM people I didn't follow these people????" before realizing it was MeteoroiD and Genki was the only one without a GREEM related username.
  3. http://www.greem-official.com/ 月白[vocal] | 帝[guitar] | マチ[guitar] | 螺琉[bass] | 朋夜[drums] 1st Single「GreeM」配布盤 1. GreeM 2. despair's ray 2017.03.01 RELEASE / GMCD-001 They'll have their first oneman at Ikebukuro EDGE June 17th. yes, it's basically MeteoroiD 2.0.
  4. fictioninhope

    my fave pre-vena songs~
  5. fictioninhope

    fuck embarrassment. sing along at the top of your lungs and give no fucks what other people think! life is way to short to stop doing something you're having fun with cause of other people. unless you are physically hurting someone(and there is no pit present) then no one gives a damn cause they rocking out too. maybe i'm just too old to give any fucks what people think when i'm having fun these days lolol. this is making me want to go back and do a full listen of all their releases now. need more time in the day! need a Crossfaith/coldrain/SiM mega US tour 2k17 Y/Y?????
  6. fictioninhope

    i'm one of those "i'd rather have a physical copy" kind of people so once i find a band i really like i want to buy everything lol. i used to do just that and not give any fucks about cost but i got bills to pay and a gut to put food into so no more mindless cd shopping for me. ;n; vena is so great, i swear my fave track from it has changed month to month. i think the only song i'm not like 100% with is whole. it's a beautiful song and i love it but i have to be in a mood for slow jams and i'm usually not in that mood.
  7. fictioninhope

    nice, nice! hopefully it wasn't too hot in your neck of the woods. i went to two of the florida dates. wanted to go to the dallas one too since it's driving distance for me but i ended up with some unexpected medical expenses like 2 weeks before the show so had to cancel the dallas plans. why money gotta be such an issue? XD i'm kinda hoping they'll bring different cds with them next time?? like bring some older stuff. importing ain't cheap and even buying it in japan still isn't cheap. :v that warped price was soooooo nice. what's your fave song on vena??????? mine was originally gone but then fire in the sky and the story took over my life.
  8. fictioninhope

    i freaking love coldrain so much it physically hurts me. my very first vinyl in my soon-to-be collection was vena because why the fuck not? i got to see 'em twice for my birthday on warped last year and was so happy. I was supposed to see them here in my hometown last march but they got in that bad bus wreck between texas and here and had to miss the show. D; @heresytrashwhich warped date(s) did you go to??? man, y'all talking about the cost being so high. the special price they had for vena + the revelation while on warped was a freaking steal. i think it was like 15 for both albums or something close to that?? less than i paid for one mini at tower records. :v -throws confetti- YAY COLDRAIN FANS. \o/
  9. fictioninhope

    woo welcome week!!! come join us and play with dragons~.
  10. fictioninhope

    sdjkghkaejg someone in this thread that isn't me, kelly or hiroki~! *u* -scurries off to check out @Chikage's lair- Also @doomboxlondon so gorg omg. ;w; <3 gonna die, that apparel looks so great on him
  11. fictioninhope

    I've been so bad about updating this thread ugh!! D; This week is welcome week where registration is open all week! Come join @doomboxand I in the dragon fun~. Even better that this month is the Riot of Rot festival.
  12. Chanty was so good. SO GOOD.  I'm gonna die.

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    2. fictioninhope


      Fiction's Chanty-Weekend Report: Akuta is a hugger. Taku, Chitose and Akuta like women with large boobs that squish nicely in the hand. Shia is a total sweetheart and was really shy but gives good hugs. Naruto is the most beautiful broom in a closet full of brooms. Naruto makes me question my sexuality and my love of bassists.  They are so pop-y musically but they go harder than MeteoroiD will ever hope to go. Chitose and Naruto looked at me like I was batshit insane when I recommended they go eat fried catfish while in Oklahoma. I'm sorry but fried catfish is amazing. Take your shrimp and suck it.

      Serious note: They are so fantastic live. Like the studio recordings are great but live? Wow wow wow. And then acoustic!!! Oh my god just kill me now because I can't handle anything anymore. This band has literally made me so happy, I haven't been this crazy over a band since DELUHI. I think about these adorable idiots and it just puts a huge smile on my face, I'm already having withdrawals from Chitose being all cute and saying hi to us all the time.

      Bonus: RaL of MeteoroiD is a beautiful cinnamon roll and the only reason Kelly and I powered through that live without punching someone in the face. If it wasn't for him staring us down when we weren't giving him attention we would have gotten kicked out of the con. Bless him.


    3. fitear1590


      That's awesome! I love Chanty's music, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed them so much live!

    4. fictioninhope


      Honestly I was expecting to like.. enjoy them but not love them since I tend to go for the heavier stuff. I was thinking MeteoroiD were gonna be my new faves but Chanty really stole the entire weekend. 

  13. fictioninhope

    I can walk around by myself in my neighborhood no problem but there are very few gyms or pokestops on my side of town. All the good places are in not-so-good parts of town. I also have anxiety that makes it hard for me to go to places I don't normally go without a buddy. I think my city has already had someone robbed at gunpoint for their phone while playing PoGO! without a buddy/group. :c
  14. fictioninhope

    I fully agree with wanting in-game communication but you have to realize that right now, everyone that's playing essentially has the beta version of the game. It wasn't ready to be released but because people are assholes and were downloading the backdoor file cause they were jealous of Australia or New Zealand, Niantic had to release the game early(at least in the US). So of course right now we have server issues and bugs and no fun things like trading or in-game communication/adding friends or other poke-generations yet. Be patient. Don't give up on PoGO! yet. It's literally in the works. This game is still growing. c: And thrive on your own?? I dunno about that. The whole point of PoGO! is to get out and walk and hunt. The only way I will walk around and look for pokemon is if I have someone with me. The US ain't safe and unless I have a designated PoGO! buddy I'm not getting out of my car. Ain't got time to get robbed at gunpoint for my shitty cellphone. XD @doomboxand I had fun poke-hunting at a lure event last night. Didn't really catch anything notable(still pissed off about a stupid charmander than ran away from me and squirtle that ran away from her) but still enjoyed ourselves. The amount of people was freaking insane, I have never seen the park we went to so packed. Not a single parking spot open. It's really awesome. Especially when you're wandering around and hear "ABRA!! COME OVER HERE AND GET THIS ABRA!" Poke-bros looking out for other poke-bros~.
  15. fictioninhope

    If I want deep story I'll get my 3ds out and finish ORAS or one of the three Fire Emblem games I have lol. My favorite thing(s) about PoGO! is that it's getting me out walking and actually socializing with other human beings outside of work. Literally all I ever do is go to work and go home because I never have the money to do things and my anxiety/depression tends to keep me holed up in my room so having a free ice breaker is great for me personally. c: I'm also not the kind of person to throw money at mobile games if I can obtain the currency for free(ex. completing goals in Love Live or taking over a gym long enough to go into shop and click the collect button for pokecoins in PoGO! plus you can get all the items in the shop for free besides bag and computer upgrades currently). If I spend money on a game it's an actual console game.. even if the most recent console I have is the 3ds xl and a ps2. >>;; GONNA DO IT. GONNA JUMP DOWN YOUR THROAT. GONNA DO THE THING SAKU AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME. Nah tho, we all have things we're full of piss and vinegar about and you are fully entitled to your opinion. I just like poking at people for fun. If I was actually upset about your opinion I would have been an asshole about it. XD The invite to team instinct is still open. ;3
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