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  1. FFXV Windows Edition have so many problems with bugs, thats sucks., becouse the game is amazing. I hope FFXVI have some good system to PC /Windows on the future.

    1. platy


      I have faith it'll be good on PC, considering the team behind it seem to be focusing on mainly a PC/PS5 edition whereas with XV it was like "welp we gotta maximise our profits soooo make this run on a PC" 

    2. ChaoticEnding



      I hope so. I had to contend with the performance problems of the FFXV. But I have nothing to complain about the DLC'S, they were all excellent and on the PC they worked perfectly.

      Anyway, i hope FFXVI will be good

    3. platy


      The more I look into theories behind FFXVI the more hype I am. 

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