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  1. FFXV Windows Edition have so many problems with bugs, thats sucks., becouse the game is amazing. I hope FFXVI have some good system to PC /Windows on the future.

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    2. 123Sandman321


      I haven't encountered any bugs, but the cancellation of the remaining DLCs was just downright criminal and something I hope won't be repeated.


      I'm hoping for a great story, which manages to tie up all the loose ends all by itself, that's it.

    3. seys


      Does it? I have ~140 hours on it and never really encountered any bugs aside from the lighting being kinda weird in some buildings. Though the last time I played was when the Ardyn DLC came out, so maybe something changed.

    4. ChaoticEnding


      Yes, I have a powerful gaming machine, it supports the game easily, but I found several problems, in addition to the small crashes, at times my character got stuck inside the car or on the wall, the lighting is another strange thing too.

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