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  1. 30 years old


  2. FFXV Windows Edition have so many problems with bugs, thats sucks., becouse the game is amazing. I hope FFXVI have some good system to PC /Windows on the future.

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    2. 123Sandman321


      I haven't encountered any bugs, but the cancellation of the remaining DLCs was just downright criminal and something I hope won't be repeated.


      I'm hoping for a great story, which manages to tie up all the loose ends all by itself, that's it.

    3. seys


      Does it? I have ~140 hours on it and never really encountered any bugs aside from the lighting being kinda weird in some buildings. Though the last time I played was when the Ardyn DLC came out, so maybe something changed.

    4. ChaoticEnding


      Yes, I have a powerful gaming machine, it supports the game easily, but I found several problems, in addition to the small crashes, at times my character got stuck inside the car or on the wall, the lighting is another strange thing too.

  3. Perhaps soon we will see the end of a nation. I hope it's not mine. A great weekend everyone.

    1. Himeaimichu


      Nations come and go, but the people remain. Vietnam went from Xich Quy, to Nam Viet, Giao Chi, Giao Chau, Dai Viet, Dai Nam, etc. I'm sure all the super power nations will have their day someday

    2. ChaoticEnding
  4. die sp8d  -  Very interesting sound. ^^


  5. Only have 2 songs by SLIDE RARE T_T

  6. LIQUID new single is amazing, REDO (v.1.00) threw me back on Mid Deracine *___*

  7. Duran 1st album are so nostalgic in to old school vibes

  8. Madmans Esprit have so good stuff, really like \o/


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    2. ChaoticEnding



      Empty comment

    3. hyura


      just the lyrics : )

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Scary and thrilling... hoping to have the chance to listen to their 1st full work on September...

  9. DEZERT new album sounds ok for me, but they changed a lot your style, the most part of their songs remember me the current MUCC.  

    1. lichtlune


      I think the previews I heard of that album are enough for me. I think I'm done with this band unfortunately. But lucky for me I was never a big fan except for a few songs like あー。Etc. 

    2. ChaoticEnding


      They have changed their style a lot, but as I said the album is reasonable, it has good tracks, but some are very boring indeed. But Chiaki considerably improved her style of singing.

  10. This BARA 1st album are pretty good ^^




  11. I'm trying to control my anger right now.




    The real king of the visual kei xD


    1. Arkady


      My favorite part were the two cute girls playing. They were dressed like they were ready for a confy and pleasant afternon strolling in the countryside and they owned it all. (and I'm not even being sarcastic or snarky, I loved them)

    2. Axius


      There not bad XD

    3. ChaoticEnding


      Yeah i liked it a little.

  13. Finally my new last fm. I still use this website u-u 


  14. La'veil MizeriA:

  15. This new single from La'veil MizeriA is really amazing, it sounds perfect from start to finish. I think every VK fan has to take a little time to listen. ^^

    1. merchenticneurosis


      Secret Moon is my favourite, this single really climbed over my expectations since the preview didn't feature a good vision of the actual final product. 

  16. Ruin Mizerius PV by La'veil MizeriA  it's a really cheap clip, without much effort to get "good". Anyway I liked it and I "regret" this poverty.

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    2. merchenticneurosis


      I tried to get the TYPE-A with my recent order but maybe Satan had this instore for me, cos they were out of it :P 

    3. merchenticneurosis


      Was it the members actually doing something, or more of a "lyric video" type-of-thing?

    4. ChaoticEnding


      Are the members playing with a cloying white background. Thats it.

  17. This new single by Dot Zipang Romantica are amazing!!!

  18. Since Fall Sin love this band ❤️

  19. Kakeru singing "Juliet" by MIsaruka It is stunning and lovely. 

  20. BAD × splatters girl by ハクビシン is a great song, love it.

  21. This Neverland new album are pretty decent. I really like the drummer and the vocal, this guys are growing to me. 

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