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    Dir en grey

    I agree with you.
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    Dir en grey

    how weird is it that DEG's best song of all time is a demo version of one of their most boring songs of all time
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    cali≠gari will release a new CD titled "15予告版" (15 yokoku-ban) early next year. The oneman gig commemorating the release will be held on 2021/02/11 so there's a good chance that the CD comes out around that time (no further details are known yet). Judging from the title it's safe to assume that it will be a single preceding a future album. The band also announced a tour titled "Tour 15" that will last from 2021/03/06 till 2021/06/28. This makes me think that the potential album that will follow the "15予告版" CD might be released around that timeframe, but the guys haven't talked of an album yet, so we shall see...
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    Plastic Tree new Blu-ray "Plastic Tree Symphonic Concert 【Act Ⅱ】at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA" will be released at 2021/03 it will include scenes of their symphonic oneman live at 2020/11/17 at LINE CUNE SHIBUYA (Blu-ray + 2CD + photobook, 12800yen) Setlist : • 眠れる森 • リプレイ • 蒼い鳥 • ガーベラ • まひるの月 • ツメタイヒカリ • アンドロメタモルフォーゼ • 幻燈機械 • メルト • 春咲センチメンタル • 真っ赤な糸 • バリア • 「雪蛍」 • 雨ニ唄エバ EN スピカ
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    Hello I am the singer of a punk band called Clan dos Mortos Cicatriz, we have a lot of eroguro elements and japanese literature references on our lyrics but they're in portuguese. This week we have released an album playing covers from bands that we consider to be important to us and between them there are songs by The Stalin and G.I.S.M. The Stalin - https://clandosmortoscicatriz.bandcamp.com/track/the-stalin G.I.S.M. - https://clandosmortoscicatriz.bandcamp.com/track/death-agonies-screams-g-i-s-m Hope you guys like it! See ya!
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    I like sukekiyo but their prices are stinking horseshit. Especially now when many of us have been stuck at home for almost a year without income. Come the fuck on.
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    @admins tradeoff pls ily
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    New downy track out of nowhere called「17月」 From what I can gather the guitars in this are samples from some recordings Yutaka Aoki did, and mergrim was also involved to some degree with SUNNOVA producing.
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    Avilis new look

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    Dir en grey

    Personally, since I'm a sucker for indies DEG - yes. But I wrote "one of", not "the most". So take your pick.
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    DEZERT new digital single "Your Song" will be released at 2020/11/16 https://lnk.to/DEZERT
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    I remember when they did their late night radio show with only Chiaki in the studio and the others at home, and he played this random song he said he’d composed for that time. Turns out they went on and released it 😭💕. I love the lyrics so much, it’s such a good song! The live from Monday started with Your Song and it was such a great choice 💕.
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    Adding this on the "reasons to keeping living" list, thanks homie 👍
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    I honestly don't get the hate, it's pretty bangin' imo
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    I actually like this and it's a pretty solid jam overall. Don't mind the melodic turn at all and instrumentally it's pleasant. Unpopular opinion time: Just cause someone doesn't like something doesn't make it bad for everyone else.
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    Blue Film 20th anniversary edition was released yesterday at the live which is the original Blue Film and Blue Film 2 each with a new bonus track & is on sale at Ao's shop right now. The kuji is back and I still sure would like that ATM bag lol.... Also the live yesterday was super rough to watch w/ Shuuji's hernia acting up. He was basically KO'd in the middle of the first song. Honestly if it wasn't for the new song we'll get + Ao planning to do 副音声 for the e+ stream I wouldn't buy it Weirdly excited about 15 bringing back the 予告版 experience though
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    There's never enough music from the gods.
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    For some reason this completely flew under my radar, but it appears RAKUGAKI has released their 1st digital single under their alterego moniker 羅苦餓鬼 (also read as "Rakugaki") on 2020/10/31, titled 『殺意二満チタ貴女へ…』("Satsui NI miCHITA kijo E..."). As you could guess from the stylization of the title, it's more of a dark kote-kei influenced record compared to their usual eclectic pop-punk rock style. This comes as too late now, but they were also taking pre-orders for a special made-to-order cassette version of the single until 8th November (i.e. the number of copies are limited to the number of preorders). So that slipped us by now, but at least we can listen to the tunes online. TuneCore link Here is the Youtube playlist of the single for those who don't have Spotify and want to have a quick listen: I thought this was quite fun! Still sad to see these guys go so soon...
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    Has anyone checked in on Gackt recently? This guy is out here giving out f*nger*ng instructions set to his music on youtube with not a care in the world. The creepy old man phase is complete
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    D:[ab]-e New EP release

    i was there & the doll directly turned to face me and said my full name, kinda weird but i thought it was just part of the song
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    Dir en grey

    Oh shit, a' cud... oh no... are u so raw ~part II, kyolectric bugaboo~ Yeah okay, that was stupid.
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    Everybody is offended by Maria Cross, I don't know why people particularly talk about that time he offended some dude named Sex
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    Total Saikou

    An Cafe

    I guess it's a rumour but I always heard from other people that it's because he was treated unfairly by the rest of the band (as they said, "bullied/picked on") and eventually he got sick of it and left. I remember seeing this subbed interview where they made fun Bou's looks and he laughed in this sort of resigned manner, I should've watched more but that one sealed this rumour as real to me. That being said, the idea that he left music because he was sick of it could be true. I imagine that it might be like a cross-roads situation, wherein Bou was sick of dealing with the rest of the band and left because he didn't like the band life itself. The attention, the huge crowds, etc. I champion shyness as the #1 reason why Klaha exited stage left and never came back, and I feel like that may be the same for Bou too.
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    Sounds cool !! This is more what I expected when they originally signed to AINS. Sooooo... Kagrou - XII DIZZY anyone? Still good either way! I agree although I know the result is me being confused at my library after a year or two as to who all these other bands are lol!
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