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    New Nagoya-based band "鐘ト銃声" (Kane to Juusei) has formed at 2019/08 [members] Vo. 狂ヰ散流 Gu. 百合子 (Yuriko) Ba. 潤-URU- Dr. 詠真 (Eishin) their concept is : 君ト僕 (Kimi to Boku) their live-distributed single "東京都無職 小林アキヒト(28)" (Tokyoto Mushoku Kobayashi Akihito (28)) has been released https://twitter.com/kaneto_info
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    more like 『バロック』ト『ガゼット』but they sound decent at whatever they attempt so far.
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    Having obscure music tastes is a curse because it limits your dating pool (and I'm one of those people who can't connect with people who have vastly different music tastes) and it's like... why can't I just be like all the other girls and like P!ATD, Lil Peep, BTS and Ariana Grande? Why do I have to be into nobodies like Cuartet and DEViL KiTTY?
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    I bet Kyo covers his nose when using a mask, this guy was obviously was a fraud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    its sad some people will never know the joy of hunting down and sorting through dozens of obscure releases from failed indies bands to finally find a single song you like..
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    No votes for lullaby or 僻目? The utter lack of taste...
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    Happy birthday, @Triangle!! Hope you have an awesome day~ ❤️
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    Happy birthday, Beatrice! I hope you enjoy your special day
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    i know youtube quality isnt the best but this sounds completely flat lol
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    Black TeaR new look + 3 new members join

    Black Tear has opened their webshop on BOOTH - which is a bizarre choice because that's usually where doujin works are sold by Pixiv artists. The shop features merch and all their old releases someone pls get me 夢, i would PAY you https://blacktear.booth.pm/
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    that dude is like Kyo from wish.com boy gtfo here tryna scam our grumpy kyo
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    Hmm... I always wonder if I'll ever end up in a relationship stable enough for children. I get a sneaking suspicion that it won't happen, but I'm too young to know anything for sure. I have a little less time to have kids than the average woman, unfortunately. Serious reproductive issues run in my family so I have to become pregnant before my early thirties or else I run the high risk of miscarriage and unsafe pregnancy. I would say that I like kids, but I am severely out of my element with them. I didn't get a lot of experience with younger kids my whole life. Nobody wanted me for babysitting because most families choose the kids of people they know over strangers, my few friends growing up were either only kids or the youngest in the family, and I'm a first generation immigrant who left every single member of my family--except for my mom who brought me here--behind. When I get a chance, I like talking to kids. They're always willing to learn and I love teaching kids new things such as new words and new things to do. I'm a bit concerned about the physical exhaustion that comes with kids, though. I'm already low-energy as hell (even had to go to the doc to get tested for some disease or lack of iron and they don't know what's up with me) so I'm not sure how I would fare if I had to care for a kid on top of myself. In the end, I would say that if the pieces fall in place and I have a stable relationship and financial situation, I would like to do my best to raise a child with my life partner.
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    Some people said his voice is not as good as before. I totally disagree, he is amazing
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    Hizumi sounding somehow stronger than ever ❤️
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    Mazeran will release their new single ガラス玉 (Garasutama) on 2019.03.06 and will cost 1,200 yen (+taxes). Tracklist 1.ガラス玉 (Garasutama) 2.傘月 (Sangatsu) Source: https://ameblo.jp/mazeranofficial/entry-12438696074.html
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    Wow... YouTube is now showing ads giving really misogynistic and downright rapey dating advice. If you get an ad for "the desire system", that's the one. Isn't it funny how content creators have to follow these super specific guidelines just to get advertising, but the ads can literally flat out go "How to control women's minds!" And just.... wow... Just watch this video
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    Yeah, and this scammer even managed to copy all that. This is honestly the most believable part lol
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    [CD] 01. Rock Band Is Not Dead 02. KILLER×KILLER×KILLER 03. SHISHIMAI 04. Cameraman 05. 人間へと帰りたい 06. THE DEAD MAN’S WALKING 07. MOSHPIT☆LIFE 08. V.S 09. TIME MACHINE 10. 絆・創・幸 [DVD](limited edition only) Rock Band Is Not Dead -Music Clip- Rock Band Is Not Dead -Making offshot-
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    upon hearing the previews... I legit hope covid won this fight x
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