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    Today's the flying get day So here's the general consensus: Sex on the beach is a bop Deliheru Boys! Deliheru Girls! is great good job Ao Oto Sex 2020 is a disappointment 原色エレガント is funky fresh さかしま single worst cali gari song ever and I hope to never hear it again Did they change Blue Film at all??
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    DANGER☆GANG new look

    Vo.Waka Gt.Hiko Dr.Ren
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    DANGER☆GANG new look

    A basic summary of all Danger Gang threads in this forum.
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    My copy shipped last night. If this isn't uploaded in a few days and anybody wants it, i'll up!
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    DANGER☆GANG new look

    I'm surprised that they're still active...
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    DANGER☆GANG new look

    I forgot they existed.
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    さかしま and Oto Sex 2020 are absolutely disappointing and i dislike them i EXTREMELY like the new versions of 真空回廊 & 原色エレガント
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    Yes Deliheru Boys! Deliheru Girls! is the one they played on niconama the other day. It's track 6, the song Ao wrote for Blue Film -REVIVAL-
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    my copy comes Thursday or Friday ... I'll upload it
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    Where is Ryo in the PV ?!
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    re:gletA ALICE NINE ARLEQUIN シネマティックサーカス#003 -灯火- 2nd Day (27.9.20) https://vk.com/video-60782468_456239565
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    They put up a digest video of the 16th anniversary oneman. The full version will be released on DVD and Blu-ray.
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    He's releasing that song for the third time...
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    sleepy coffee

    random thoughts thread

    I know its 2 completely different industries but I just got my first physical kpop release and the amount of stuff that came with it for its price is actually insane, personal letter written from the members, a bookmark photo of one of the members, a sort of photo of one of the members, big ass poster, 100 page photo booklet and the actual cd itself which was a standard single with 3 tracks all for like $12 not including shipping lol
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    @platyI haven't started watching Flowers or Evil yet, so I can't tell for now >,< also Itaewon class is brilliant, it's about life, working and reaching your dreams, all the ups and downs, just as real life actually is. From start to end, it won't let you down!
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    Wow i haven't been active on here in awhile. Just coming out of hibernation & dropping by to say that by sheer accident I happened to find out that the rip of the Outo/Oyasuminasai demotape that's been making the rounds online for all these years is FAKE! I stumbled upon YT uploads of the two tracks and these versions sound completely different from the Dai 2 tape versions - both have the trademark Ao Keyboards and Outo has some kind of sax or other tooting instrument in it. Wild.
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    Felt like I judged the band prematurely because I only based it off their visuals and now after listening to the song I'm convinced it's still shit
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    Thought this could be amusing. Feel free to only limit it to albums-only or singles-only if a band's discography would be too large otherwise, or even just limit it to trying to describe the band itself as poorly as possible. I'll start: 1. castlevania: harmony of dissonance 2. castlevania 3. castlevania bloodlines 4. castlevania symphony of the night
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    Dir en grey

    http://direngrey.co.jp/lang_en/news/3277/ Postponed till late October.
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    DEXCORE new album, "DRAGOUT." release

    How can a band not have one bad song. I don't understand.
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    In no surprise to anyone, Hiroto has withdrawn from the band. In a statement on twitter, they said they finally contacted him and he's safe, but he has no motivation for musical activities anymore and found it a hindrance to be with the band. Nero and Seiya have said they will continue as a two-person project and apologize for any inconvenience this has provided.
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