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    Why do all these new Vkei bands dress like Kpop rejects? I guess asking your friend who knows how to sew or a mistu/Tsunagari doesn't work anymore. Go big and flop like Xodiack, at least that's an attempt at visual kei artistry. Remember it's us gajins fault for not buying their digital mini.
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    PSA: If you have issues or complaints that you want to take up with the forum, then let us (the staff) know. Bitching and complaining in private doesn't help anything, and closed mouths don't get fed. However, if you're just upset because other ppl share opinions and perspectives that you don't like. Then you need to take a good look inside and ask yourself why you're so pressed about the opinions of random strangers on a damn J-rock forum. Alternatively, you can GROW THE FUCK UP. Some of yall are way too old for this nonsense.
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    I feel like this deserves to be mentioned here: on 2020/04/25, the 1-year anniversary of Michirou's death, some of his fellow musicians got together for an epic livestream performance celebrating his work. Thankfully the footage is still online in the YT archives of livehouse APIA40. It's a pretty long live so I haven't watched all of it yet, but it seems to be pretty outstanding. The musicians involved and their connection to Michirou (where applicable): 中村達也 (Nakamura Tatsuya) - played in THE STALIN and TOUCH-ME 山本久土 (Yamamoto Hisato) - played in M.J.Q and Shidamyoujin クハラカズユキ (Kuhara Kazuyuki) - played in M.J.Q スガダイロー (Suga Dairou) - pianist, I don't know how he's connected but he is associated with Tatsuya for sure 西村雄介 (Nishimura Yuusuke) - played in STALIN, THE END and on some Michirou solo works (The craziest thing out of all of this is that I didn't realize until now that Tatsuya used to be one of THE STALIN's drummers, haha.)
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    I'm turning 20 today, wtf I don't feel like it at all xD
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    Madmans Esprit

    and we keep rockin on with the weird structured songs
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    random thoughts thread

    Photobucket is being stupid and harassing users to buy their premium account or else lose their account or something so I went and downloaded any photos I cared about. I came across some fun little memories like this janky jrock pumpkin I carved of some the GazettE cover art: More blurry photos:
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    Happy 47th birthday Közi!
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    Vo.RotM are back with his new band or project called "黒い閃光(kuroisenkou)" their first single "fall down" will be avaliable on 2020/05/30. New look:
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    MAMIRETA has announced that the band will go on indefinite hiatus after their 3-night live series「まみれたの顔も3度まで」(Mamireta no kao mo 3-do made) on 2020/09/01, 09/02, 09/03 at Ikebukuro BlackHole. The members didn't give an exact reason for the break as far as I could see, but the guitarist mentioned it's because a multitude of factors and the drummer's comment seemed to be a bit more depressing than the others (mentioning he has been feeling more and more overwhelmed and burdened, and even thought about quitting drums for the first time in his life). The announcement as well as the members' comments can be found HERE. Honestly, I haven't really been following these guys after 2018, they kinda became more and more mediocre for me... but the early stuff is still rad. I hope they can rest and then either come back stronger or just start new projects that will be worthwhile (cuz we all know "indefinite" hiatuses are kinda code for "disbandment").
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    Madmans Esprit

    definitely their best single if the Glorifying Suicide EP doesn't count. keeps getting better with each listen and the ~3:27 part is pure bliss
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    When's gazette doing a free livestream?🥺
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    Your last music-related buy!

    The latest single from Nicolas with a signed group photo.
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    シルドラ sildra release his new single called "Heaven’s Lily / Agoist / reside in me". This single are avaliable now on itunes, deezer, etc.
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    There's no legal way to stop eating chocomint icecream _(┐「ε:)_
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    Nicolas are live now. It's not the DVD, like someone said, but a live performance.
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    Stealing @Peace Heavy mk II's moment

    Hi! I'm leaving the forum as well. Thought about leaving quietly -- and I did --, but the message @Peace Heavy mk II posted made me think otherwise. Sure there's quite a few people here that will celebrate not having to deal with me anymore and that's fine! But I'd rather focus on the fact that I've been here for 13 years and that leaving a goodbye note feels appropriate. I joined the forums when I was 16, only knowing much about VK, and I leave at 29, not knowing much about the current state of VK but knowing just enough about life and my personal boundaries to make me comfortable enough to realize I don't feel at home here anymore. And I used to feel like that for years and it sucks that this feeling has gone, but I suppose that was bound to change eventually -- and that's cool! Things change and end all the time. Anyway, I'm grateful for the few friends I made here throughout the years (y'all know who you are!) and for the countless downloads I leeched along the way. It was a good and entertaining ride for the most part. If any of you would like to stay in touch, I'm over at Twitter at @reomulus. See ya.
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    Cover 6th Concept Single『不貞』(Futei) 2020.05.29 1.不貞 (Futei) 2.行かないで (Ikanaide)
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    bands that should have had a live album: janne da arc
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    Apparently Yanagi ex BLESS THIS MESS has a solo project and the preview is pretty cool
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    Corona-related Livestreams / Concert Videos

    They did. Wasn't ready to record. I was busy as well, had to work but listened in the background. I assume it was all recorded to issue DVD later.
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    The 5th single has been postponed.
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    You can try Minyami: https://github.com/Last-Order/Minyami Otherwise you can try youtube-dl: https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl There's full instructions here for minyami:
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    Peace heavy mk II has disbanded at 2020/05/29 due to losing confidence to M-H after being prohibited to log-on in M-H for 6 days by n' mod since the same date, and his alter-ego band "le_newtype" has been eliminated by that mod at the same date
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    KISAKI new CD "Nothingness Cage" release

    I am a simple man. I see Kisaki's name, I click to see the comments. 🦋
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    Total Saikou

    What are you listening to 2?

    [Maniac by Plasticzooms] I love the original a lot but Sho's thick-ass Japanese accent makes this song sound better to me somehow and I'm not sure why. https://open.spotify.com/track/4KiVkmaQhAUt0iQC7E894R?si=Af9jGdaqSSix4d1uDqXqDw
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    Kaya is so bored during quarantine she's reviving dead projects, LOL. Femme Fatale - JUDGEMENT-the die has been cast- Special remote live L-THE WORLD's full gig from yesterday with no audience re:gletA - 子守唄 studio LIVEver. XANVALA マルチアングル配信ライブ『CODE:Albino』
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    @saishuu Sure enough this is one of the more bearable tracks on the last album for me too... I'm still waiting for a new full-length where I can enjoy most of the songs, I haven't given up hope yet, lol (as of now if I compiled the songs I like from the post-reunion material they would juuuust fill out a decent album).
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    y'all honestly? this song is fucking great
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    KISAKI new CD "Nothingness Cage" release

    Sadly the guy is too well established in the VK scene, despite his shitty behavior. Imo it's not just that japan thinks differently of people like him, but guys like him have so much support behind their back they really can get away with a lot of shit. See also Marilyn Manson or Chris Brown. They too did some horrible, abusive shit and still have so many people cheering them on and excusing their acts. And this is why idolizing people, really any people, in the media and entertainment industry is wrong.
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    as we know, he is not a man of much words
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Finally, after many years... :'D
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    Probably GACKT was too big for them after a minute. During his solo tenure, he was able to be interviewed by the likes of Gaki no Tsukai, which is huge. Though, IDK how mana is IRL, but he seems very shy, gentle, and delicate when I got to attended one of the MdM hand shake event. His handshake was a very weak grip, like the most feminine woman would.
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    Dir en grey

    They’re getting old too. I can’t wait for them to evolve into their final form as old man band.
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    wait hold up, is this a reference to this?
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    New Band Rabyrinth -ラビリンス-

    New Band Rabyrinth -ラビリンス- Start Live decision 2020.07.31 Soon more details Members Voc Asuka (ex オギャリティ Ogyarity as Heine, re:繋ゼロ) Gt.ほたる Hotaru Gt.瀬那 Sena (ex オギャリティ Ogyarity, re:繋ゼロ) Ba.希悠 Kyu Dr.Ytwo https://twitter.com/Rabyrinth_offi https://rabyrinth.aremond.net/
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    i know this is blacklisted and morally wrong to mention, but the new yohio mv showed up in my recommended feed when i was feeling weak and I... eveerything after 2012 in this world was a mistake lol
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    Did MiA given his CV to NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST ? Will he be the mystery guitarist ?
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    Peace Heavy mk II


    It has come to my attention that I have nothing left to share with this board. While most people leave quietly unless they aim to make their departure a publicity stunt, I feel that saying goodbye to a forum where I've more or less spent every day for the past 10 years is the least I could do. I've made a lot of good friends here, had fun as a mod for like 15 minutes, and loved being an official reviewer. In spite of all of that, I cannot help but feel it is time I move on. I do not plan on fully deleting my account so I can still leech, but if you'd like to chat about music you can find me: -On Twitter -On the VKGY discord -Adding scans and lyrics to ZombiexJuice -Making half-assed unboxing videos of rejected vkei maxi-singles It's been fun 💋
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    SATSUKI best album "ROCIEL" release

    I regret giving him my j-gig virginity...
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