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    DIMLIM gt. retsu Departs

    Here's the link for the ones not finding the original tweet [you must have a premium account to access this data]
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    UPD: CANCELLED!! gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy's oneman at Zirco Tokyo on 10th April was cancelled, but they are going to livestream it on this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNpfjp2IjbvDQc1KSrDLLtg April 10, 20:00 JP time
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    https://mega.nz/#F!vlgziSjB!AlswDePmPTklTLketnu3vA CURRENT FIXES: https://mega.nz/folder/ObAj0abI#QY7fHuHePXSiXevgEui7QQ PLEASE PM ME IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER VIDEOS WITH STUTTERING/ HLS STITCHING ISSUES. - Videos have been updated 🤫
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    kiryu - another side original PV?

    They released PV spots for Another Side and Shigoumizakura, but never full versions. They remain on Niconico if I am correct, and watermarked versions can be seen on YT. These were made very early in their career, way before they got the record deal with BP, however I don't think full versions were ever made. If they do, then hopefully someone uploads them lol
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    @WhirlingBlack said: Mejibray revival but they only play 8P-SB songs
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    tricot have posted one song from their live perfomance (with no audience). On the 13th of April, they'll put on a live online gig which you can buy tickets for 1,000 yen. I'm definitely supporting this. INFO tricot SARUSHIBAI 7pm April 13th Ticket: 1,000 yen https://tricot.zaiko.io/_item/325384
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    ドーリスマリィ「Ash」 https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2355167 Actually found the song through here after typing the lyrics:
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    i'm disappointed no one posted The "XJ*p*n album release date confirmed" thread but it's safe to say we have about three more years of april foolsies for this joke to descend correctly
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    Now you mention it, some users and I discussed this hypothesis a months ago, and the agreement was over the fact that it may be true. It is almost impossible to explain other way how a group of little to no known indie musicians (yeah, I know Lime was in Lezard, but anyway... who the fuck are them?) launched from night to morning a project with such level of excellence both in music (compositions, recording), looks, videoclips and overall advertising campaign (remember the whole thing of the telephone number where bangya could talk to Lime to make catharsis of their suicidal thoughts? Crazy!). They definitely had a ton of money behind them to do such, and if someone risked that amount of money for funding a band of nobodies in an currently almost dead genre/scene, I think it's obvious that those investors still now take every chance and tool they have acces to to make Kizu deliver profit in the most effective and eficient way. I'm still amazed about the fact that someone decided to take said risk; if I had the money I'm not sure if I would do it considering the situation, tbh. And I'm not against it at all, because it was Kizu the band that (along Dimlim) retained the dignity of VK all this time within a scene full of ultra cringe-worthy newcomers and slowly-dying big fishes...
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    kiryu - another side original PV?

    videos of Mahiros OG Nose ❤️
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    kiryu - another side original PV?

    I'll add onto this post because I too would love to see the full PV some time. So far there's only this short 1:04 long preview of the PV of [アナザーサイド] and one for [獅噛ミ桜], I shall link the two for the ones who want to see what is being asked here and maybe want to help. I also am not very good with the Japanese language and so far only know the basics, any help is appreciated. アナザーサイド 獅噛ミ桜
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    This. +1 --- Lo-fi could sound cool in some bands, but for the bunch of guys that just released one poor song I don't think they had a better choice, and still there are some good only-songs by bands that surely didn't exist at all. I mean, I take lo-fi as a natural thing in vk. The strange one is hi-fi lol
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    アルルカン's Shohei is a snack.
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    Generic vk taking influence from generic WWFcore is such a cross-pollination of two extra potent brands generic that I can barely breathe here
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    Thanks for catching that. Seems like it screwed that one up since it's actually 41 min. long. I'll re-download tomorrow at noon~ish when it's not peak streaming hours.
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    ghost's drawings

    Thank you! Getting the perspective somewhat accurate was the toughest part as the reference I used didn't show scales. Had to use a bit of imagination there. I'm glad you said that, it's the vibe I was going for 😊 Thanks! 😄
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    Leetspeak Monsters [STREAM IS NOW AVAILABLE ON MAIN CHANNEL] They go on in about 6 hours from my posting. Since archival is inconsistent among bands, I suggest anyone who is a fan record if they're inclined to. This will occur during my sleeping hours 😴 - LMAO. Ok this is the fucking thing that confused me when I thought premium was free: Okay, adding a couple things to finish out the night: ViSULOG is what's free to premium members for a month. Unfortunately, I seemed to miss out on a oneman and two-man, but they aired in very-early March prior to topic creation: https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv324650484 https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv324587619 This is what WILL air: Benjamin & Fantasy Twenty-Seven has a One-Man Tour Program. I'm not sure if it's Covid related so I won't link it for now ZOMBIE is doing an "emergency broadcast" digest of their new album on 4/4 https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv325059530 レイヴ (rave) is having a "non-spectator" live + Nagi's (Dr.) Birthday on 4/6 https://live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv325078437
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    DIMLIM gt. retsu Departs

    ...are people taking this seriously?
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    just like their name huh
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    New Band 東京[凛]廻。-トウキョウリンネ- (Tōkyō [Rin]ne) Members Vocal. 莉世 Lise /凛廻のおかーちゃん (Rinne no Okaachan) Gut そら Sora (ex ZeroCre) Gut しろ Shiro (Maybe ex INFY2TY ??) Bass らん Lan Dr 花火 HANABI Demo Start 2020.05.01 Shinjuku Wild side tokyo https://twitter.com/tkr_2020
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    New band "ああああ" (aaaa) has formed [members] Vo. スな (Suna) Gt. てと (Teto) Ba. 石倉康司 (Ishikura Yasuji) they will hold their first live at 2020/08/26 at Shinjuku CLUB SCIENCE https://twitter.com/aaaaofficia1
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    Wishing my best friend a super duper happy birthday! May your 21st year bring you great joy and happiness. I'll be sure to support you along the way in your music career and Youtube channel. Good luck!
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    so, is it a good time to finally post those last three SARIGIA singles? 😅
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    I haven't watched a new anime in YEARS. Not counting things like movies from Studio Ghibli or the Nickolodeon Avatar series, the last new-to-me Japanese anime I watched was Yu Yu Hakusho in like 2007. That's about the time I fell out of anime. While I was digging around for new music I came across the OST for Made In Abyss and absolutely fell in love with it. This made me want to find out what the source material was like because the music painted such a vivid imagery. And wow is it good. It took me a moment to get into it but when it picks up it really takes you for a ride. I did not expect to get shaken up emotionally but I got pretty invested in the characters and the trials they go through. The main draw for me though is the lore and world that's built around the story. I think a similar reason I loved an anime like Yu Yu Hakusho is the sense of discovering a dark and unknown frontier. The show just feels alive when there are maps and characters talking about creatures they've discovered or when they come across something brand new that's been undocumented. This is the first time I started to read the original manga because I enjoyed the show. It certainly isn't perfect, but for a short 13 episode season I think it's pretty solid. And that music *chefs kiss*. I'm bummed the sequel movie "Dawn of the deep soul" is put on hold for US theaters. I found out it was supposed to show 2 weeks from now : (
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    random thoughts thread

    I have to say it somewhere After 7 years of not really following up on dir en grey i come back to realize kyo is finally a man 😱 And not a schoolgirl-gremlin anymore (Please dont hate me for this 🙏)
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    Quickly looking at some of the others they have some skips too. #01《寺子屋ツアー2020~配信編~》has skips at 10:01 and 10:36 just from the small parts I looked at. Something weird must be happening during the download process.
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    Not sure about the others but the Gallo live (ギャロ ステージ全景映像) has a few skipping errors (one at 18:13, 19:26, one earlier that I noticed too). Is the duration of the file the same as the duration of the stream?
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    New Digital Single「# 配信のすゝめ〜桜花爛漫〜」 (Haishin no Susume〜Oukaranman〜 2020.04.06 1.春は短し恋せよバンギャ (Haru wa Mijikashi Koiseyo Bangya) 2.愛してるなんて言葉より (Aishiteru nante Kotoba yori) https://linkco.re/d23SqXuV?lang=en
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    Ba.karma and Dr.和夏葉 (Wakaba) have joined HOLOH at 2020/4/1.
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    BLOOM bands Part 1: https://mega.nz/#!2PhG0YKT!Fa__25l_PW_R8d8O4KvHlPG-4hcN60flejedtlxeOkI [VIDEOS HAVE BEEN REUPLOADED BY MYSELF AND JON_JONZ] Quality is really weird and several times they go out to absolute silence. They did interact with the chat to fix audio quality. Ignore the 2016, they didn't fix that one camera multiple cameras to not display the date, apparently. I'm going to be honest and say I don't know who these bands are, if someone could help that would be great. Budget-kei at its finest.
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    DIMLIM gt. retsu Departs

    I thought they'd disband, but maybe DIMLIM can actually recover now?
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    New band "ああああ" (aaaa) has formed

    Unfinish is finished*
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    ポルカドットスティングレイ (Polka-Dot Stingray) Since their Makuhari Messe performance was cancelled they did an "Air Makuhari" which was aired on YouTube. There's like a good 25~ish minutes of performance that was pre-recorded on March 28th and the rest is a live Q&A/discussion. The video will stay up until the end of the weekend.
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    [Portuguese] Membros brasileiros

    Realmente, as repetidas discussão sobre a pirataria em fóruns tem ganhado dimensões geopolíticas impressionantes.
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    What are you listening to 2?

    forgot about this for a week. really fantastic lead track 🤩
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    [Portuguese] Membros brasileiros

    e tem gente por aqui (ninguém que tenha visto aqui nesse tópico) que acha importante e uma atitude louvável deixar de comer e de gastar dinheiro com coisas essenciais do dia-a-dia pra comprar CDs com preços absurdos lol é fácil falar em apoiar a cena quando você mora na europa e ganha em euro. comprar CDs aqui do Brasil, pelo menos de forma constante, só funciona de você for rico e tiver dinheiro de sobra todo mês. comprei horrores e enchi uma prateleira enquanto podia, quando o dólar tava abaixo ou próximo dos R$2. agora? nope, sem remorso algum
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    A parada é que MH não se propõe a isso, nunca se propôs. É um fórum de 50 cabeças que tão aqui desde sempre, conversam sobre os mesmos assuntos a 10 anos, xingam bandas velhas e novas e gostam de uma coisa ou outra nova. Uns saem e voltam, uns novatos entram e curtem, muitos não ficam, e é isso. Não acho que seja a intenção crescer e virar algo com um objetivo maior, já tem lugares propondo fazer diferente por aí. Aqui é tipo o safe spot da comunidade ocidental pra falar besteira dessa coisa nicho do nicho do nicho chamada VK. Quanto a downloads, as regras daqui são as mesmas pra música no mundo todo, não acho que tenha que ser diferente. Baixa quem quer, compra quem quer, faz streaming quem tá afim. Cortar o acesso pra tentar forçar uma compra ou coisa do tipo só serve pra alienar uma galera de curtir a música. Nurié por exemplo, eu me amarro demais no som dos caras. Eles estão no Spotify, então 100% do tempo eu ouço por lá, apesar de ter baixado pra caso um dia não esteja mais disponível. Pretendo comprar os CDs quando o dólar não tiver fucking CINCO REAIS E TRINTA CENTAVOS, mas mesmo assim porque gosto mesmo da banda. Dar 70 reais num single de 3 músicas é uma maluquice surreal pra maioria das pessoas, a verdade é essa
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    Ghost's music

    There was a time I recorded random snippets of melody ideas I had, most of them being on piano. Last year I revisited my library of recordings and found one I really liked. I put on a chillhop rhythm to it and then recorded a guitar part for it just a couple weeks ago. Still learning how to mix and produce so it's definitely not professional, but hey I'm just a bedroom hobbyist doing something he enjoys.
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    Dir en Grey's Kyo kicked out of band

    they have been scouting for a new frontman at the maria cross memorial plaque crossing at harajuku but had to postpone this due to kyoronavirus outbreak, if any local vocalists want to try their luck bring a bag of poppers and a cheese pizza in a brown bag signed for kaoru once the auditions resume!
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    random thoughts thread

    got robbed of my gold... *aging cough* this is the power of the 1% WE MUST TAKE DOWN THE ELITES
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    ああああmazing news!
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    An exclusive interview with Astaroth

    Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth. Astaroth is an orthodox visual kei band who revealed themselves at what was advertised as a solo oneman by vocalist MISAKI, on January 16th of this year. The members have a strong connection to the Kansai (関西) scene, and they've drawn favor thanks to their promising first single. The band talked to us about their inspirations and how their first steps toward activity have been so far. Astaroth, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-astaroth/
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    From 2007 to 2011 I played guitar in the band Dark Cherry, formed by a group of friends. We made kinda poppy emo/alternative rock/metal with electronic elements (implicitly influenced a bit by D'espairsRay, Abingdon Boys School, L'Arc and stuff like that). Home-recorded a bunch of crappy sounding demos, studio-recorded two better sounding singles and played a few dozen gigs mostly locally, it was fun. From 2006 to this day I'm in a hobby/"just for fun" music project with my vocalist friend (who is also ex-Dark Cherry) under the alias The 21st Cherry Boys (the name came from BUCK-TICK's song, lol), or T21CB for short. We record stuff at home, in totally random styles that come to our mind at the moment. But usually it's some kind of silly weird pop/rock music coupled with electronics (for a while a friend of ours joined too, he played the cajon). We're doing a 12-month single release campaign this year, tho dunno how far we'll get due to the virus scare, lol. We also had a short-lived project Sunshine Demons with the guitarist cousin of said vocalist friend. We recorded an EP in 2012, kind of a mixture of punk, post-hardcore and pop-rock. We also have an album's worth of unreleased and mostly unfinished tracks recorded during 2018-2019, which we are slowwwwwly working on getting finalized. So far it seems like it will have somewhat of a Latin flair in the music, and it will be a concept record telling a story about cowboys, crime, ghosts, revenge,...stuff like that, lol. From 2007-ish onwards I'm also doing some solo stuff here and there under the name JigsawJohnny, but I'm super lazy so I haven't recorded that much music. Genres range from noise, industrial to hardcore, death metal, post-punk, whatever I feel like. My latest release was a dark ambient record with a dystopian cyberpunk concept last Halloween. Most of the music that isn't totally terrible to listen to for even those involved can be found on Bandcamp.
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    I'll regret this but do you have any links for this?
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    Honest opinions on K POP?

    idk but stan shinee
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