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    JE:NOVA new look

    Gt.蓮(Ren) became bassist.
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    どくdoku 12 month consecutive Concept Single 4th Concept Single『拒絶』(Kyozetsu) 2020.03.22 CD 1.拒絶 (Kyozetsu) 2.僕は悪くない (Boku wa warukunai) Live 03.22 at Osaka Rumio Preview 200RT Lyric Video
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    Japan is already trying to protect the population from Coronavirus (while Kiwamu doesn't...) https://jrocknews.com/2020/02/concerts-canceled-japan-government-battle-coronavirus.html
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    Their 18th anniversary performance is canceled.
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    JE:NOVA new look

    This picture of Naru is the best!! Also i hope this means finally a new release anouncement anytime soon - its so long ago since their first maxi single came out.
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    [REQ] Royz - I AM WHAT I AM

    Taken from https://rocklyric.jp/lyric.php?sid=1755790 Standing here in the rain for so long time 生まれながら罪を背負うように The darkest hour is just before the dawn 唱えるように繰り返す夜 たったひとつの違いで排除される世界に もう うんざりだ got an answer Nothing is ever too late We'll never be younger than today Can you hear, where are you? Hello,Hello Iam iam... くだらなく狭い視界から見える答えに意味はあるか i am,i am what i am i am,i am what i am 同じ様に誰かを愛し 同じ様にあたたかい場所へと 気づいたら一人前に人生について、なんてさ考えてたよな got an answer? Am I dressed like everyone else? くだらないね Wishing for the daybreak of this world I found out the answer is simple Your good morning good night turn this world up side down Hello,Hello Iam iam... 今さら気づいたんだ 僕を包んでくれてた愛に i am,i am what i am i am,i am what i am 誰もが違うからこそ繋げられるその手があったね 知らない僕らじゃないはず だから 気高く叫ぶんだ I am what i am Nothing is ever too late We'll never be younger than today Can you hear, where are you? Hello,Hello Iam iam... くだらなく狭い視界から見える答えに意味はあるか i am,i am what i am i am,i am what i am 他の誰でもなく so i am,i am what i am
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    my name is Flora and i discovered this board the other day on accident. i had a bit of a visual kei stint in middle school but I've recently dived headfirst into it thanks to lolita fashion culture and mana-sama. my favorite bands are Versailles, Jupiter, Malice Mizer, Moi-Dix-Mois, and babymetal. my hobbies outside of vkei include lolita fashion, JRPGs, reading, making ita bags, otome games, and collecting sanrio items.
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    random thoughts thread

    older sister blowing off at me again for some minor mistake i did. calm the fuck down, jfc. i'm so tired of this shit. sorry for all the profanity but needed to get that out....
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    Refreshing single, everyone's already had their takes on sayonara but if anything link is even more of a departure to their typical chaotic synth sound. Idk how to describe it but it feels like this fast paced/energetic ballad/cute song.
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    Sources say that he is currently detained for breaking the sacred Japanese social rule of not eating while walking....
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    Checkin in to make sure you all heard about the COVID-19 cancellation. I think this was a good move on their part. They are literally disinfecting the streets in Korea with workers in hazmat suits. I was working at an airport in the US and a level 2 warning was issued for NRT & HND in Japan. It's bad, guys.
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    I concur, I love it. It reminds me very much of Lareine songs around "Never Cage" era.
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    Cover Mini Album 実験くん2 (Jikken-kun2) 2020.04.15 CD 01.テキ (Teki) 02.ぐるぐる (Guruguru) 03.べろべろばー (Beroberobaa) 04.かわいいキミの言いなりです (Kawai kimi no iinari desu) 05.地獄に落ちちゃえば (Jigoku ni ochi chaeba) 06.春光 (Shunkou)
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    Well, I categorically loved that. It's definitely more 'rough' sounding, but hey, it sounds like what you'd expect from an already depressing-sounding band that's now reeling from the sudden death of a bandmate and family member. Robin's vocals between 3:20-3:35 in particular hit pretty hard.
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    it's now illegal to be a gazette stan, when will kpop 👏
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    I'm hoping these are just revamps of his old compositions and he's doing this to show that he's improved, or something. Not that his old compositions were bad though (at least not imo) Also the band's twitter still lists Hiroto as their drummer, but Hiroto did post on his instagram a few days ago that he got married, so perhaps he's just been busy lol
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    KEEL and DECAYS comeback in 2020?! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Karma’s Hat


    I love it. It almost makes me feel like I'm listening to real adult music that i'm not ashamed to tell people i like™ Infinitum grew on me as well. I think my first reaction was totally enamored, first of all because it's vk in the 2010's that actually shows some ambition to be more than just japanese nu metal or indie too rigid to actually be indie, but then I started thinking that well it isn't exactly ADORATIO; now almost an year later I'm able to accept it for what it is. ADORATIO is an impossible act to follow and that's just how it is. These are the most talented players in this particular game and with their music they almost manage to compensate for an entire genre that resists experimentation or unconformity literally until it has to be dragged kicking and screaming into the new decades.
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    DISREIGN new single "HOAX" release

    um where 🔎
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    APRES ECOLE will disband

    i guess u could say school..... is out
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    gulu gulu has announced on their official Twitter that they've been trying to get in contact with kazari, but no luck. They went to his home and nobody was there. Their live today will still take Place but without kazari. Furthermore, I've not seen a thread on this but at their one-man in January, ai announced in a MC that they are to release a CD during spring. They never specified date or month, but it is very likely in April/May. The band hasn't posted this on SNS or talked about it elsewhere, so it's difficult to pick up unless you're there, I guess.
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    Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen him NOT wear a hat in the past 7-8 or so years, lmao.
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    THE PIASS WILL PERFORM!!!!!! ((members will be revealed later))
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    Daichi (ex-NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST) solo project "Daichi by frostviscera" new digital single "viscera" will be released at 2020/02 He will hold his live "Daichi by frostviscera launch showcase Solo Works 2020/SS “Prayers Dance”" at 2020/06/28 at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE [Guest Artist] SLOTHREAT / Tomy Wealth [Daichi by frostviscera support members] Gt.來堵 (アルルカン(Arlequin)) Ba. YUCHI (sukekiyo) Dr. 大熊ケイト邦夫 (ANONYMOUS,WHITEHEAD) Key/Mnp. 野田ダイスケ
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    Are we not gonna talk about how aie is balding? Just saying.
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    random thoughts thread

    Feb 26th was my birthday and I just couldn't be happy about it. It's really bad when you get older and literally have nothing because you can't find a job and things starts to get difficulty at home... Damn.
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    random thoughts thread

    Perhaps the only time that 2 girls 1 cup can be used as an educational aid
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